No matter who you are, it’s almost guaranteed that at some point in your life you have seen seen a made up food in a film, television series, video game, or book, and thought “Wow that sounds delicious, I wish I could be eating that right now”. Well thanks to the team at Wikia, some of these insane creations have come to life! At New York Comic Con 2015, a fee lucky con-goers were even able to try some of the best ‘Fantasy Foods’, as selected and voted for by fans, at the Wikia Fantasy Food Truck!

Earlier this year, Wikia hosted a contest wherein which fans could nominate and vote for their favorite ‘Fantasy Foods’. The selections were then narrowed down to the top sixty-four nominees, and bracketed for fans to vote down to their top four favorites which would be made into a real edible snack made available at NYCC 2015! This year’s winners included-

  • Nuka-Cola from Bethesda’s ‘Fallout’ franchise
  • Cookie Cat from Cartoon Network’s ‘Steven Universe’
  • Mabel Juice from Disney XD’s ‘Gravity Falls’
  • Greedy Milk from the video game ‘Warframe’

Wikia teamed with some of the stars from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s YouTube food channel, ‘Food Tube’, to bring these crazy concoctions to life! On hand at the convention were DJBBQ and Dulce Delight from Food Tube, who put together the actual recipes you could use to make these treats for yourself at home!

So what are they, and how do they taste? Are these recipes up to par with fans expectations of these fantasy foods? Here’s the full rundown-

‘Greedy Milk’ from ‘Warframe’

This one is pretty basic, yet pretty fantastic. At its core, ‘Greedy Milk’ is essentially just a cookies-and-cream milkshake; and that is in no way a bad thing. It’s comprised of about eight Oreo cookies, a half-cup of half-and-half, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream! You could pretty easily make this one at home for you and your friends to enjoy or to just cool off with after a long day at the office!

‘Mable Juice’ from ‘Gravity Falls’

This one is… certainly something. I mean really, it’s just jello in a cup with some fun shaped gummies. If that’s your thing, then you will probably love it. My only regret is that I feel like there was so much more that could have been done with the ‘Mable Juice’ concept, and that they just didn’t go far enough with it. Still, gummies and jello are rarely not enjoyable, so if you need a quick snack that can put a smile on your face, ‘Mable Juice’ is where it’s at!

‘Cookie Cat’ from ‘Steven Universe’

Wow. You have not truly lived until you have devoured a ‘Cookie Cat’. While this item is pretty much an ice-cream sandwich, it’s really so much more than the basic variety we are all used to. These fresh baked chocolate cat shaped cookies are packed with half-vanilla and half-strawberry ice-cream, and the combination is out of this world! The cookies used on hand at the con appeared to be a bit more like oatmeal cookies than the cocoa based ones listed in the official recipe, but either way these are easily the best of this year’s offerings from Wikia’s Fantasy Food Truck!

‘Nuka Cola’ from ‘Fallout’

We think its safe to say that there isn’t a single person who has played the ‘Fallout’ game series without wishing they could try ‘Nuka Cola’. The version available at NYCC 2015 was a blue variation of the drink (which means it was technically ‘Nuka Cola Quantum’,  for all of you ‘Fallout’ aficionados), and was quite delicious! There is also a red version, although both are flavored with cherry juice. For this one, I feel like I was expecting a bit more of a kick to it, as the in game item is irradiated soda! Maybe someone will come up with some fun ideas to take things up a notch on this one! Regardless, the ‘Nuka Cola’ served on site was pretty delectable, and we highly recommend this recipe for home use!

So did your favorite ‘Fantasy Foods’ make the grade this year? what are some of your ‘Fantasy Foods’? Let us know if you try some of these awesome recipes at home and how they came out!