If your curious about what being stranded on Mars would’ve really been like for Mark Watney (Matt Damon’s character in ‘The Martian‘), NASA is providing you with a few answers.

Mars has been the talk of the town recently with both the release of ‘The Martian’ and the campaign to send humans to Mars by 2030.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, using its High Resolution Imaging, released a series of photos showing the real location of where Watney is stranded. Watney is stuck in a Southern region of the planet called Acidalia Planitia.

While in the movie Watney can navigate easily through the area, in real life the region is quite dangerous. There are a few mounds and parts where scientists believe volcanoes once existed.

Another area of the planet that the movie references is Schiaparelli Crater, located near the equator.

While dust storms are rampant on Mars and very strong, in reality they’re not powerful enough to leave a person stranded because the atmospheric pressure is weaker than the Earth’s.

“Even the wind in the largest dust storms likely could not tip or rip apart major mechanical equipment. The winds in the strongest Martian storms top out at about 60 miles per hour, less than half the speed of some hurricane-force winds on Earth,” NASA clarifies.

Take a look at some of the photos below. Can you spot Matt Damon?

Acidalia Planitia Another glimpse of Acidalia Planitia

Source: ABC News