SPOILER ALERT: This article addresses events from the latest episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’, particularly Season 7, Episode 12 ‘Say Yes’ from March 5, as well as speculation on upcoming episodes.  If you are not up to date, proceed with caution!

As the old adage states, politics make for strange bedfellows and that is certainly true in the case of ‘The Walking Dead’ as individuals with wildly diverging viewpoints and ideals find themselves coming together for the common goodor at the very least survival.  That is certainly true in the case of Sasha and Rosita, who were just recently shown to not be on the best terms, even after the death of Abraham, the man they both loved, but who left Rosita to be with Sasha.  But in the 03/05 episode of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Say Yes’, Rosita came to Sasha, seeking an ally in killing Negan, the leader of the saviors, who not only murdered Abraham, but Glenn and Spencer and was indirectly responsible for the deaths of Denise and Olivia.  (He also took Eugene captive– a situation Eugene seems to be taking to nicely, but Rosita doesn’t know that.)

It seems a fool’s errand.  The Saviors didn’t achieve the level of power they have by being pushovers and their stronghold is incredibly well-fortified.  Can two lone soldiers really breach its walls and take down their deadly leader?  (Nope.)

In this scene from next weekend’s episode, Sasha, who has agreed to accompany Rosita on her suicide mission says goodbye to Enid, asking her to look after Maggie, who Sasha calls the “future” of Hilltop.  Indeed, it’s all but a given that Maggie at some point will wrest power from the cowardly Douglas.  But will this be the last we see of Sasha?  That remains to be seen, but for now, check out the clip below:

Stepping outside of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV continuity for a moment, it was big news in December when Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Sasha, was cast as the lead in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  ‘TWD’ showrunner Scott M. Gimple declared that if necessary, their hit show would shuffle things to make them work with Martin-Green’s ‘Star Trek’ obligations.

Buuuuuut, of course there’s the possibility that that won’t be necessary.  If Sasha doesn’t survive this season, that leaves Martin-Green’s schedule free to devote to ‘Discovery’.

Are you hoping that things go well for Sasha and Rosita?  Or are these two as good as gone?