With comic films and shows all the rage it should be no surprise that the critically acclaimed graphic novel ‘Y: The Last Man‘ will be coming to the small screen. The comic series was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra which ran for nearly 60 issues. FX and FX Productions are producing the series which will be brought to us by Vaughan along with Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson.

The production is so early that there has been no announcement of a director or even a writer to work with Vaughan at this time. However, with this sweeping science fiction epic they’ll have to do a stellar job to bring this potential apocalyptic tale out and do it justice.

This announcement comes right after the rights to the series reverted back from New Line to Vaughan after a second failed movie attempt. With how quick this happened, I have a feeling the idea may be one that has been in the works already as he knew rights would revert back to him in 2014 so I suspect we’ll be hearing more announcements

‘Y: The Last Man’ follows Yorick Brown who is the last human with a Y chromosome. With him is his Capuchin monkey, Ampersand. The two are the only known male mammals left alive on Earth as all others have simultaneously died across the globe. There are quite a few social questions raised in the series but beyond that it is just an extremely well written story. With the incredible depth of the story it seems that it could be better told in a longer term format and not in just a couple of films.

While I am a huge fan of the capes, I’m happy to see a fun piece of humanized science fiction getting a shot at a series as well.

What are your thoughts on ‘Y: The Last Man’ being adapated to a series? Are you sick of comic books constantly getting TV and film treatments or happy to see that another classic is being thrown in the limelight?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter