This may very well be one of the darkest ‘Warehouse 13’ episodes to date! This is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, mind you. If anyone can pull off dark, and still leave me smiling at the end, it could only be ‘Warehouse 13!’

In what I would consider the darkest moment in the history of the Warehouse, a Warehouse Regent is being tortured, and we find out just how horrible the artifact’s can be when that soulless b-… rather, that Stukowski woman forces the doorknob from the past couple episodes into the woman’s hand. I bloody well knew I didn’t like her from the off!

Several Regents, it would seem, have come up missing and the evidence leads to a certain shifty FBI agent. Pete and Jinks track her down and the evidence against her is overwhelming. Artie uses his own artifact to find out where she’s been, and they proceed to that location.

Artie realizes that the guards are not what they seem. As they appear to leave, Claudia deftly tosses a Tesla Grenade into the lobby – effectively taking them out. Meanwhile, the sick and twisted Stukowski has the tables turned on her as Mrs. Frederick interrogates her.

Claudia then uses her hacking prowess to track down her partner, and she and Pete speed off to capture him. The building the team have infiltrated, is actually housing two more Regents, one of which is Jane, (Kate Mulgrew of ‘Star Trek Voyager’) and realize the building security has been compromised.

As they attempt to vacate post haste, the Regents body guard insists on taking the elevator 40 floors, against Myka’s better judgment. Proving once again that we should all listen to her, the elevator malfunctions, and they find themselves in dire straights again.

Yet another artifact has started a chain reaction of devastation that begins to eat away at the braking system of the elevator – and the rest of the building as well. Mrs. Frederick, in the meantime, introduces Sally to her artifact of choice. In hopes of gaining information, Sally is tortured, which may be the most gratifying part of this episode.

Claudia and Pete find Sally’s partner in a bank as he attempt’s to clear out a bank account and flee the country. Claudia uses his on board GPS in his car to lead him on a wild goose chase. Artie and Myka, along with the two Regents and hired muscle try to descend to the lower levels to make a safe egress, only to find the building is deteriorating from the bottom up.

In an attempt to reach the lower levels, the bodyguard sacrifices himself in order to save Myka who is trying to pull him to safety. Artie sees from the roof a window washers scaffold and decides that may be their only viable option.

Pete and Claudia trap the partner, who rather than be killed by his boss, turns the artifact (a can of spray paint from the Berlin Wall) on himself. He immediately disintegrates and the two rush to the building to save their friends.

Steve Jinks decides that he cannot be a part of the torture, no matter the subject, and turns his side arm on Mrs. Frederick. As they argue moralities, the slimy toad escapes and we wonder how this will play out.

Artie and one of the Regents escapes using Frank Lloyd Wright’s son’s set of “Pick Up Sticks” – Yes you heard me, well why not? This is ‘Warehouse 13’ after all! Pete and Claudia arrive, and Pete creates a peace symbol over the anarchy symbol on the wall that started the destruction, and saves the day!

Now, there is, as you may have heard, a twist at the end of the episode that I simply cannot bring myself to divulge until you’ve had the chance to see it for yourself! Until next time, be careful with that dusty old relic from Nana’s attic, you just never know – it could be an artifact!

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