When Lucy Lawless signed on to play Ruby in ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘ no one knew why she would be after our favorite one handed hero but now the actress is opening up about her role. When NYCC attendees were able to check out the premiere episode of the series they found not only that Ruby was amazing at killing Deadites but that her grudge stems from her character’s last name. To clarify Lawless is playing Ruby Knowby and fans of the ‘Evil Dead’ movies should recognize that name and start to see why she has such a want for revenge.

In the first films it was Professor Knowby who found The Necronomicon and recorded himself reading verses from it.

According to Lawless:

“Ruby’s dad was Professor Knowby, and he was the original holder of the Necronomicon in the movies, so her family was destroyed – her father, mother and big sister were destroyed – and she was orphaned. She blames [Ash] for this Deadite plague, now he’s released it again, and she’s going to put him in the ground. So she teams up with Amanda Fisher, this cool cop from Michigan, and they Thelma and Louise it. They go on a road trip to hunt [Ash] and his shambling trailer.”

So some blame on Ash for the Deadites even though it was her father who originally let them loose on the world is where her spite begins. In the series we see her partner Amanda Fisher played by Jill Marie Jones and she had a few words to throw in on her character as well as well as her mother who was a federal investigator:

“I’d never held a real gun, I’d never shot a real gun until this – thank you, Sam Raimi. In a lot of ways, I feel like Amanda Fisher reminds me so much of her.”

“Amanda Fisher, she’s definitely a badass, but she’s one of the good guys. She fights for good and… that’s my mommy [laughs].”

Oh Sam Raimi, not only are you bringing the world to an end with your ‘Evil Dead’ but you’ve also brought one actress closer to her mother.

Are you looking forward to ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’? Do you think we’ll see Ruby resolve her issues with Ash by the end of the first season? Share your thoughts below!

‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ will premiere on Halloween night, October 31st, on Starz.

Source: Screen Rant