It is hard to decide whether or not the digital age we live in where everyone walks around with a camera built into their phone that they can use to upload photos to the internet is a good thing for movies, as a lot of the magic and surprise of films are being lost due to everyday paparazzi walking around taking shots of makeshift sets and actors in costume that once would have been a closely guarded secret. Regardless, it seems that Justin Lin and company having been shooting ‘Star Trek Beyond’ in Dubai in recent days, and as they were outdoor shoots, there were lots of folks there to take pictures and upload them to Instagram. While the stars of the film are not the stars of these shots, we do get to see a lot of new and interesting looking aliens that will be part of the film, perhaps confirming that the movie will take place during the crews’ voyage into deep space, where they will be encountering alien cultures yet to be seen in the ‘Star Trek’ films. Others have pointed out that one of the photos looks like it might take place outside of the Starfleet Academy last seen in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ which would mean the aliens are not quite as exotic as we thought, clearly having been on the Earth in ‘Star Trek’ for some time. Check out the photos for yourself and then let us know your thoughts on the new aliens int he comments below!

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