The ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise has been one of the most beloved and iconic film series of all time for over two decades. Earlier this year we saw the release of the newest film in the franchise ‘Jurassic World’, which quickly became one of the biggest films of the year. ‘Jurassic World’ broke box office records and is currently already ranked as the third highest grossing film of all time; behind only James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’!

The dinosaurs seen in the ‘Jurassic Park’ franchise, and especially those seen in ‘Jurassic World’, are easily the coolest part of the entire film series. Their big, intense, and would give nightmares to even the bravest park attendees! In ‘Jurassic World’ we got to see a side of the dinosaurs that we hadn’t seen previously, with them working alongside humans at some points for the greater good, and showing just how intelligent they truly are.

This week at New York Comic Con 2015, ‘Jurassic World’ was everywhere! The front entry way into the convention itself was even made up to resemble to iconic ‘Jurassic World’ park gates! While at the convention, one of our reporters ran into one of the film’s stars on the show floor! With the ‘Jurassic World’ Bluray and DVD release in the U.S. being just a few days away on October 20th, we thought it would be fun to talk to her about her experience making the film at great personal risk! So without further adieu, here is our interview with a rather “clever girl”, Zulu the Velociraptor!

‘Jurassic World’ stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’onofrio, B.D. Wong, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, and Jake Johnson. You can pick it up now on digtal download, and look for it on Bluray and DVD in the U.S. on October 20th, 2015!