Movies and television shows that are based heavily in the world of science fiction and fantasy employ a number of computer-generated techniques to create their environments and the things that inhabit them. However, on ‘Game of Thrones,’ the background of Westeros can sometimes be so realistic that we tend to forget that they’re created by a team of talented individuals on computers. Plus, we’re completely swept up by the characters and the crazy things that happen to them to notice that fact most of the time. So just where are the seams that keep the towering castles and expansive landscapes of this world connected to ours? A new video pulls back the curtain and shows us.

Gizmodo recently shared a video from Macklevision to show the extensive visual effects work contained in Season Four of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Everything from boats to trees to buildings and even people are revealed to be digitally inserted in post-production. You can check it all out the VFX reel below to see the excellent background work that you missed while you were probably still in shock over the Purple Wedding:

In a world filled with dragons and White Walkers, it’s no surprise that the show relies on VFX, but since we’re caught up in the story, it’s hard to tell what is and isn’t real most of the time. That’s really a testament to the artists who work on the show for creating such a seamless environment around Daenerys Targaryen, Stannis Baratheon, Arya Stark, and the rest of the cast.

What do you think about this VFX reel from season four of ‘Game of Thrones’? Were you surprised by some of the moments that ended up being CGI? Let us know in the comment section.