We are back at it again with an all new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on ScienceFiction.com where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! The closer we get, the harder it is to not get super hyped up for the impending arrival of San Diego Comic Con 2017! This year we have seen some of the coolest convention exclusives ever revealed for the con, and there are still more to come! This week alone we’ve got some new SDCC exclusives to show you from the teams at Mattel and Funko, plus plenty of non-SDCC goodies coming our way from our friends at Diamond Select Toys, Quantum Mechanix, NECA, and more! What are you waiting for?! There’s so much to see in the Toy News for the week of June 27th 2017!

Mattel Announces SDCC Lineup

With San Diego Comic Con just weeks away, Mattel has finally pulled back the curtain to reveal all of their new SDCC 2017 exclusive collectibles! This year they’ve got a pretty solid variety of offerings, including a DC Multiverse Cyborg figure and Hot Wheels Batmobile from the upcoming ‘Justice League’ film, Spider-Man’s legendary Spider-Buggy vehicle in Hot Wheels form, a new DC Superhero Girls 2-pack, and more! Here’s the full rundown:

Cars 3 Lightning McQueen Diecast Set ($30)
DC Super Hero Girls 12″ Figure 2-Pack with Wonder Woman and Cheetah ($45)
Deadpool Hot Wheels Dead-Buggy($15)
Destiny Mega Construx Iron Song Ghost Shell ($40)
Justice League Cyborg Origins 6″ Scale Figure ($25)

Justice League Hot Wheels Batmobile ($25)

Spider-Man Hot Wheels Spider-Mobile  ($15)

Coming Soon From Diamond Select Toys

It’s summertime and our good friends at Diamond Select Toys are already planning well into winter! This week they released new solicitations for items that will be releasing this December with collectibles coming our way from brands like ‘Batman Beyond’, ‘Thor: Ragnorok’, ‘Justice League’, ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, and more! Again, these items won’t be hitting stores until December, but you should be able to find them in the latest Previews Catalog for order this month! Check out the full solicitations from Diamond Select Toys below!


A Diamond Select Toys Release! Time to go back to the future… the future of Gotham City! Not long from now, Gotham has transformed into a high-tech town, and a high-tech Batman has risen to fight the criminal element. Bruce Wayne is retired, but he mentors the new Batman and keeps him informed of old threats when they resurface. This approximately 6-inch resin bust of Bruce Wayne depicts him as he appears in Batman Beyond, and sits on top of a pedestal base inspired by the city’s ultra-modern architecture. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it comes packaged in a hand-numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Varner Studios! SRP: $59.99


A Diamond Select Toys Release! Complete the League with this all-new assortment of Vinimates vinyl figures based on the new Justice League feature film! Superman, Aquaman and Cyborg team up to take on the forces of evil in this new batch of figures from the highly anticipated movie. Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in a block figure style, striking a pose straight from the movie. Each comes packaged in a full-color window box. SRP: $9.99

A Diamond Select Toys release! Defenders Assemble! Joining Luke Cage and Daredevil, Jessica Jones is the third member of the Defenders to join the Marvel Gallery PVC Diorama line-up! Measuring approximately 11 inches tall atop a New York City-inspired diorama base, Jessica Jones wears her trademark scarf and jacket and features the likeness of actress Krysten Ritter from the Jessica Jones Netflix TV series. She is in scale to other Marvel Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC Dioramas, and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Varner Studios! SRP: $45.00

A Diamond Select Toys release! Hail Hydra! Ever feel like every time you open a bottle, two more take its place? Well, you’ll be able to make short of those pesky bottles with this solid metal bottle opener in the shape of a Hydra logo! With powerful magnets on the back, it will hang on your refrigerator, waiting, until it is activated to fulfill its purpose – opening bottles! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. SRP: $18.00

A Diamond Select Toys release! Brains! Venom is back, and DST is celebrating his rebirth with this approximately 12-inch resin statue of the original symbiote! Breaking out of a glass tank, Venom is at his full power here and is a must-have item for any Venom fan. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it comes packaged in a full-color window box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira! SRP: $150.00

A Diamond Select Toys release! They’re friends from work! Send your Marvel Select collection to the distant reaches of the galaxy with these two new 7-inch scale action figures based on the new Marvel Studios film, Thor: Ragnarok! Depicting Thor and the Hulk in their gladiator gear, each figure features 16 points of articulation and includes weapons seen in the film. Each figure comes packaged in the famous Select action figure packaging, with side panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! SRP: $24.99

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s almost time for Homecoming! The first Spider-Man film to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost here, and DST is commemorating the occasion with to resin busts based on the film! One depicts Spidey in his high-tech suit, with web wings, while the other shows him in his homemade suit. Each measures approximately 6 inches tall and sits atop a pedestal inspired by New York architecture. Each comes packaged in a hand-numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! SRP: $59.99

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s almost time for Homecoming! The first Spider-Man film to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost here, and DST is commemorating the occasion with to resin busts based on the film! One depicts Spidey in his high-tech suit, with web wings, while the other shows him in his homemade suit. Each measures approximately 6 inches tall and sits atop a pedestal inspired by New York architecture. Each comes packaged in a hand-numbered, full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! SRP: $59.99

A Diamond Select Toys release! Get ready for Ragnarok! The third Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok, will hit theaters this fall, and DST is celebrating with a new box set of Marvel Minimates based on the film! This 4-pack includes four all-new mini-figures, including Gladiator Thor, villainess Hela, Asgardian Loki and Bruce Banner! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features approximately 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged in a full-color window box. SRP: $24.99

A Diamond Select Toys Release! It’s the 15th anniversary of the Marvel Minimates line, and to celebrate, we’re going back to where it all began! This four-pack of Minimates captures two classic X-Men and two classic Evil Mutants in the 2-inch mini-figure form. A classically-styled Marvel Girl and Professor X team up to take on Quicksilver (in his green costume) and Toad – one of the first Marvel Minimates ever designed, in his first-ever release! Each Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and fully interchangeable parts, including unmasked hair for Jean Grey, a Cerebro helmet for Professor X, and alternate parts to turn Professor X into Mastermind! Packaged on a full-color blister card. SRP: $24.99

A Diamond Select Toys Release! It’s a bust, it’s a bank, it’s Superman! The Man of Steel joins DST’s line of vinyl banks based on the DC Animated Universe, with this approximately 7-inch-tall portrait of Superman as he appeared in Superman: The Animated Series! With a coin slot on the back and an access door in the base, you’ll be able to save some dough even as you save the day! Packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Varner Studios. SRP: $22.99

Available Now From DST

We are sure that the wait for the items we mentioned above is going to be a strenuous one, so to tide you over we also have a list of some awesome new items from Diamond Select Toys that are hitting stores right now! New items are hitting stores from brands like ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, ‘Alice: Through The Looking Glass’, ‘Back To The Future’, and even the final wave of ‘Ghostbusters Select’ figures from the first film so you can finally complete your rooftop diorama! Check out the full info below for new releases in stores now from Diamond Select Toys!

Alice Through the Looking Glass Select Red Hatter Action Figure PX
A Diamond Select Toys Release! You’ve met the Mad Hatter, now meet him again! This 7-inch, Previews-exclusive variant figure of the Mad Hatter, based on his appearance in Alice Through the Looking Glass, sports the red coat of the present day, rather than the green coat of his younger days. The figure features the likeness of Johnny Depp, has 16 points of articulation, and comes with a diorama background depicting a building from Wonderland – connect the base to the bases of the other two Alice figures to build a larger town! Figure comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios! (Item #JAN172654, SRP: $24.99)

Back to the Future 2 Frozen Hover Time Machine Electronic Vehicle
A Diamond Select Toys release! Is it hot? No, it’s ice cold! DST has upgraded their bestselling electronic 1:15 scale Time Machine from Back to the Future with the additions shown in Batck to the Future 2! Having just arrived in our time from 2015, this Version 2 Time Machine has adjustable hover wheels, the iconic Mr. Fusion fuel device, and a thin coating of “frost” over its entire surface, to replicate the effects of time travel. Vehicle measures approximately 14 inches long with opening gull-wing doors, and time-travel lights and sounds are triggered at the push of a button. Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item # DEC162558, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Catwoman Season 3 Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! This tiger has changed its stripes! Like many of Batman’s classic foes from the 1960s TV series, Catwoman underwent several metamorphoses over the run of the show, and in Season 3, she was played by sultry singer Eartha Kitt! This 6-inch-tall resin bust depicts Kitt as Catwoman, perched atop a colorful base inspired by the show’s animated opening credits. It’s the purr-fect addition to your Batman Classic TV Series bust collection! Packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Designed by Bary Bradfield! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item # DEC162560, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Bookworm Resin Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Batman can defeat any foe, but can he stand up to the power of reading? Bookish Bat-foe Bookworm is the newest character in DST’s line of resin busts based on the Batman Classic TV Series! Depicting the villain as he was played by Roddy McDowall, this bust measures approximately 6 inches tall atop a pedestal inspired by the show’s animated opening sequence. Limited to only 3,00 pieces, it comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #JAN172651, SRP: $59.99)

Batman The Animated Series Premier Collection Catwoman Resin Statue
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Now this is a statue worth stealing! Continuing DST’s Premier Collection line of statues, this resin sculpture captures Catwoman as she appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, where she straddled the line between good and bad! Catwoman wears her classic grey catsuit, and wields a whip that wraps enticingly around her lithe form. Measuring approximately 12″ tall on her tiled base, this statue is limited to just 3,000 pieces, and comes packaged with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Sculpted by Clayburn Moore! (Item #JAN172650, SRP: $150.00)

DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker PVC Diorama
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Joker makes a triumphant return to the DC Gallery line! Based on the famous Batman: The Animated Series episode “The Laughing Fish,” this rendition of the Joker shows him holding the titular marine life, with one foot on a chained and partially submerged Batman! This approximately 9-inch figure is in scale to all DC Gallery and Femme Fatales PVC dioramas, is sculpted with a high level of detail and features exacting paint applications. Diorama comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell! (Item #JAN172652, SRP: $45.00)

Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Series 5 Asst.
A Diamond Select Toys Release! Anybody seen any ghosts? The hit toy line based on the horror-comedy classic movie Ghostbusters is back with a fifth series of action figures, and this series is spectrally delicious! Series 5 unleashes three spirits from the original 1984 movie: the Library Ghost, the Taxi Driver Zombie and a Terror Dog! Each 7-inch scale figure features up to 16 points of articulation, as well as character-specific accessories: the Library Ghost comes with a stack of books, the Taxi Driver comes with a steering wheel and the Terror Dog comes with interchangeable horns so it can be either Zuul or Vinz Clortho! Plus, each figure comes with a piece of the rooftop diorama – these are the last three figures you need to complete the whole shebang! Packaged in the trademark Select display packaging, with side panel artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios!(Item #NOV162416, SRP: $24.99/ea.)

Justice League Unlimited Animated Series Shazam Resin Bust
A Diamond Select Toys Release! You don’t need the wisdom of Solomon to know that this bust is a must-buy! Based on his appearance in the Justice League Unlimited TV series, this approximately 6-inch bust of Shazam is the latest release in the animated-style resin bust line by DST. Featuring detailed sculpting and paint applications, Billy Batson’s alter ego is posed atop a pedestal styled after the Justice League’s Watchtower satellite. This bust is limited to only 3,000 pieces and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Varner Studios! (Item #JAN172653, SRP: $59.99)

Marvel Gallery Classic Iron Man PVC Diorama
A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Marvel Gallery line of dioramas continues with one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes: Iron Man! Wearing his classic red-and-gold armor, Iron Man hovers above the ground using his boot-jets and is ready to join his fellow Avengers in the popular PVC line. Measuring approximately 11 inches tall, this diorama featured detailed sculpting and paint applications and comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Mat Brouillard! (Item #JAN172648, SRP: $45.00)

Hot Toys Armors Up!

This summer Spider-Man is coming home for his first full length movie as a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’! This time around Spidey is getting by with a little help from his friends with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark joining in the lend him a hand and guide him on his journey to superherohood! The team at Hot Toys looks just as excited as we are for Tony to be joining in on the action, because this week they announced their new 1:6th scale ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Iron Man Mark XLVII figure! The figure sports a stunning likeness of actor Robert Downey Jr. and is made primarily made of die-cast materials. It comes with a plethora of film-specific accessories and a unique display stand! Check out the full details from Hot Toys below!

Spider-Man: Homecoming 1/6th scale Mark XLVII Collectible Figure

Counting down, one of the most anticipated Marvel Studios blockbusters of the year, the Spider-Man: Homecoming will be showing on the silver screen fairly soon. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War, Tony Stark took up the role as Peter Parker’s mentor, guiding him to strike a balance between his dual identity being a high school student and a superhero. With Spider-Man: Homecoming only weeks away from hitting the theatre, Hot Toys is very excited to present to you our latest Iron Man Mark XLVII as an extension to the Hot Toys MMS Diecast Series. Made with fine diecast materials, the much elaborated Iron Man XLVII figure stands approximately 32 cm and with 28 LED light-up points throughout the body.

The streamlined armor is expertly painted with metallic red and gold colors and a distinctive two-toned silver color in the mid-section. An array of components are added to the figure including: a newly painted Tony Stark head sculpt featuring likeness of Robert Downey Jr, an interchangeable LED light-up helmeted head, an interchangeable empty helmet emulating the suit in remote control mode, interchangeable armor parts and a specially designed figure stand.

Furthermore, a mini-repulsors deployer with two articulated mini-repulsors and thrust fire effect parts are specially included for this new Iron Man armor! This Iron Man Mark XLVII collectible figure is something you do not want to pass up. It will definitely be an excellent addition to your Iron Man collection.

QMX Takes Wonder Woman To The Max!

Our friends at Quantum Mechanix seem to love Warner Brother’s recent live action ‘Wonder Woman’ adaptation as much as pretty much everyone else did, and they’re taking things to a whole other level with their newly announced ‘Wonder Woman’ Q-Fig Max! This new ‘Wonder Woman’ Q-Fig Max features the Princess of Themyscira riding at full speed on her mighty steed into battle!

As a Q-Fig Max, this figure is slightly larger than standard Q-Figs. Wonder Woman features a deluxe display base and comes packed in a window display box. The ‘Wonder Woman’ Q-Fig Max will,set you back $29.99 when it releases later this year!  Check out the full release info from Quantum Mechanix below!

Steely eyed and fully armed, Wonder Woman rides her ebony steed into battle in this magnificent Q-Fig Max figure from QMx.

The look of the Amazonian princess is based on the 2017 Wonder Woman movie. Wearing her trademark red-and-blue costume, she wields a sword and sports a gleaming tiara, bullet-deflecting bracelets and golden Lasso of Truth.

Metallic paint adds detail to the shiny elements of her outfit, accessories and the horse’s tack. Above all, her look of concentration is one of utmost determination and irresistible charm.

Wonder Woman’s trusty horse features a saddle, stirrups, bridle and flexible reins. Horse and rider are equally intense, kicking up a cloud of dust on their way.

The Wonder Woman Q-Fig Max figure is just one in our series of DC Comics Q-Figs, so be sure to check out the rest of our amazing superheroes!

NECA Unleashes New Horrors

The team at NECA Toys is known for bringing us some of the best horror based figures on the market, and this week they have two terrifying new announcements for horror fans!

First up is the reveal of NECA’s newest addition to their ‘Ultimate’ line of figures with Ash Williams from the hit Starz horror series ‘Ash vs The Evil Dead’! This new figure adds some new articulation and brings together a number of alternative head sculpts (that feature a spot on resemblance to the legendary Bruce Campbell) that were available in previous figures in the line, and puts it all in one simple package! This figure looks to truly be the ‘Ultimate’ Ash Williams figure, easily living up to its name! check out the full release from NECA below!

From the hit Starz TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead! The series follows Ash, stock boy, aging lothario and chainsaw-handed monster hunter who spent 30 years avoiding responsibility, and the terrors of the Evil Dead.

NECA has given Ash the Ultimate action figure treatment—he comes with four interchangeable head sculpts, chainsaw, mechanical hand, wood hand, hand stump, photo of his car, and shotgun that fits in a back holster… Everything he needs to fight a plague of Deadites.

The 7” scale figure is highly articulated and comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap and bonus lenticular cover.

If that isn’t enough for you, NECA has also announced the full Series 12 lineup for their long running 7″ scale ‘ALIENS’ line! The new wave, which is set to hit stores in September, includes fan favorites like Ellen Ripley (with her bomber jacket), Vasquez  (in her BDU’s), and two different updated versions of the Battle-Damaged Alien Warrior figure (both have been updated to the ‘Ultimate’ Alien Warrior body). Check out the full lineup details from NECA below!

Series 12 of our bestselling Aliens action figures is themed to the events that occur in Hadley’s Hope during Aliens and continues our 30th Anniversary celebration. It includes Lt. Ellen Ripley (Bomber Jacket), Private Jenette Vasquez (BDUs), and two different Battle-Damaged Aliens Warriors.

Ripley stands approximately 7″ tall, has over 25 points of articulation and features the likeness of Sigourney Weaver. She wears a bomber jacket over blue coverall and comes with pulse rifle accessory and attachable muzzle flash.

Vasquez stands approximately 6.5″ tall and features the likeness of Jenette Goldstein. Vasquez is seen in her alternate outfit and the Marine gear is completely faithful to the movie, down to the “LOCO” detailing on the back of her vest. Vasquez has over 25 points of articulation and comes with pistol, knife and pulse rifle with attachable muzzle flash.

The Xenomorph Warriors feature 2 unique battle-damaged sculpts and stand over 9″ tall. They utilize the new “Ultimate” Alien body, which has many upgrades, including added articulation and increased range of motion in upper torso and neck, plus a re-engineered tail assembly which provides an additional swivel as well as having a bendable portion. Over 30 points of articulation.


AMC’s hit comic book adaptation of ‘Preacher’ is returning soon for its second season, and the team at Titan Merchandise are apparently so excited about it that they have revealed a whole wave of their Titan blind boxed vinyl mini-figures based on the show! This is the first wave of 3″ Titan vinyl figures based on the show, with the wave being based on the first season of the show and including fan favorite characters like Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare, Cassidy, Arseface, and so much more! You can check out most of the series lineup in the image below, but be sure to keep an eye out for 4 hidden chase figures that aren’t shown in the case assortment, as well as one super rare chase figure (1/288 rarity!) and one ultra rare chase figure (1/576 rarity) to keep you on the hunt! Titan has not set a release date for this wave yet, but it seems likely that we will see these release before the end of the year.

The Funko Forecast

Get ready for the Funko Forecast! This is where we’re going to be showcasing all of the cool new announcements and reveals from Funko! With all of the awesome that consistently seems to be flowing out of those guys, it shouldn’t be hard to keep this section alive each and every week!

Even More Funko SDCC Reveals

It seems like Funko is really going balls to the wall this year with all of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive announcements! This week they announced two additional waves of figures that will be available exclusively at SDCC next month that you’re going to want to track down!

First up is the new Disney themed wave, which includes a Dorbz Ridez set of Aladdin with Magic Carpet, a POP! Vinyls 2-pack of Chip & Dale, and single release POP! Vinyls of Tigger (Bouncing/Flocked), Mr. Toad, Hei Hei, Jolly Roger (Glow In The Dark), and Negatron (Glow In The Dark)!

Then in what looks like it may be the final wave of reveals (although don’t quote us on that because Funko loves to keep a few surprises), we have a non-themed wave of some pretty random releases from various franchises! Fans can look forward to a new She-Ra Rock Candy figure, a DOorbz Ridez Battle Armor Skeletor with Panthor (who appears to be flocked), single release POP! Vinyls of Jumpscare Funtime Foxy and Jumpscare Baby from ‘Sister Location’, The Lorax (Flocked) from Dr. Suess, Scareglow (Glow In The Dark) from ‘Masters Of The Universe’, Sike-O-Shriner (Funko original!), plus 6″ Super-Sized POP! Vinyls of the Dwarven Colossus from ‘The Elder Scrolls’ and Megazord from ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’!

Funko Monsters

In a move that makes you wonder if they are finally starting to run out of franchises to adapt to vinyl, the team at Funko have announced a whole new series of originally designed characters dubbed ‘Funko Monsters’! These Monsters will be released as part of the POP! Vinyls line and will be available exclusively through Funko’s own website with an expected retail price of $14.99 each (plus shipping, meaning that one figure is going to run you around $21.99 unless you’re buying a few at a time). All of the Funko Monsters have been designed in house by Funko’s creative team, with the first wave consisting of six characters like Chester McFreckle, Picklez, Bugsy WIngnut, Snuggle-Tooth, Butterhorn, and Tumblebee!

The first Funko Monsters POP!, Tumblebee is available through Funko’s website now and has a limited run of just 5000 figures being made!

Going Back Down To Southpark

The team at Funko looks like they’re all set to make a return trip to the world of ‘South Park’ with a whole second wave of new POP! Vinyls based on the hit animated series having been announced this week! The new wave is set to release this September and will fill in some highly requested series regulars that were pretty blatantly missing from wave one like Kyle, Stan, Professor Chaos, Terrance and Phillip (with chase variants!), Cartman (with Clyde; Gamestop exclusive), Goth Stan (Hot Topic exclusive), and a 2-pack of Stan and Kyle (Best Buy exclusive).

Handfuls Of Horrors!

This August prepare yourself for a pocket full of pure terror as Funko’s new wave of ‘Horror’ themed Pint Sized Heroes hits the market! Funko’s new blind bagged Horror themed Pint Sized Heroes are the tiny frights that you can fit in the palm of your hands! Figures planned for this new wave include Pennywise, Chucky, Jason Vorhees, Cthulu, Beetlejuice, Gremlins, and more! Check out the full series lineup below!

And with that, we bring this week’s Toy News Tuesday to a close! What do you think about the new items announced this week? Do you plan on picking up anything we mentioned in this week’s column? Are there any lines or brands you’d like to see more coverage of? Let us know in the comments section below!