It looks as if Warner Brothers doesn’t want an interconnected DC Cinematic Universe as they’ve wooed Legendary to bring their giant monsters back into the fold! Not only does this mean that the studio will be distributing ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ in 2017 instead of Universal Pictures. As Warner Brothers was also going to tackle ‘Godzilla 2‘ it only made sense that they would want a giant connected monster filled universe so we’ll also be getting ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ in 2020!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen, two of the titans in the Kaiju world will finally be going head to head in what will clearly be one of the most spectacular fight scenes ever put on film. That of course is assuming we see them for more than the 8 minutes we saw the King of the Kaiju in ‘Godzilla‘.

At this time we have no news on who will be directing ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ but there is still plenty of time to figure that out. Now all we need to do is find a way to throw ‘Pacific Rim’ into the mix for a crossover that can throw humanity into the fight. Joining them may also be the classic Toho monsters King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan.

According to Legendary CEO Thomas Tull:

“Audiences really responded to Godzilla. Today, I’m excited to reveal that film was only the beginning of an epic new entertainment universe. As a lifelong fan of these characters, I’ve always wanted to see the ultimate showdown, and today we’re pleased to be announcing that and more.”

Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara added:

“Working with our partners at Legendary, we enjoyed tremendous creative and commercial success with `Godzilla. It’s great to be able to revisit these characters and help create a franchise with so many creative possibilities for filmmakers. Fans love these big, globally iconic films and it doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

While Marvel, DC, and the Universal Monsters are all starting to enjoy shared universes this is laying the groundwork as to what could be the most destructive set of films yet!

Who do you think will win between King Kong and Godzilla? Which other giant creature feature fan favorites would you like to see thrown into the arena? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider