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First Paul Rudd was cast as Scott Lang, then Michael Douglas as Henry Pym.  Now another name has surfaced in relation to next year’s Marvel movie, ‘Ant-Man’, Michael Pena.  The actor is a familiar face and has played supporting roles in numerous movies, including Golden Globes-winner ‘American Hustle’, ‘Gangster Squad’, ‘End of Watch’, ‘Shooter’ and many, many more as well as numerous TV projects.

It hasn’t been revealed who he will be playing, but he matches a casting description released last year for a “[Male] 20s or 30s, any ethnicity, under 5’8″, edgy and funny.”  Pena stands at 5’7″ and has comedic experience having voiced characters in ‘Turbo’ and ‘American Dad’ and appearing in ’30 Minutes Or Less’ and on ‘Eastbound And Down’ and ‘My Name Is Earl’.

Pena has built a great reputation as a character actor and has a pretty packed slate for 2014, with him being cast in the biopic ‘Ceasar Chavez: An American Hero’; the Mark Neveldine horror movie ‘The Vatican Tapes’; the animated ‘Hell & Back’; and the David Ayer-directed World War II movie ‘Fury’.  But there could be some wiggle room, depending on his schedule.

Director Edgar Wright co-wrote the movie’s script along with Joe Cornish, who directed the acclaimed movie ‘Attack The Block’.  The film is rapidly approaching the start of filming, in order to meet its July 31st, 2015 release date.

Rashida Jones was rumored to be a lock for Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp), but that has yet to be officially confirmed.  I would assume if this is the case that the character will be tweaked from her comic book origin, where she was married to Hank Pym.  One would assume she’d be the love interest of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang.  Expect more news to surface as the movie edges closer to production.

More news as it emerges!

Source: Cinema Blend