With San Diego Comic Con in full swing, it is now time to take a second to examine some of the cool displays that the studios have in store for visitors to the convention floor, with no display drawing more attention in the opening days than Warner Bros showcase of props and costumes from ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

Of course they have yet another display of Superman’s costume (which mercifully looks a bit more colorful than his last cinematic outing, though whether or not Synder color-grades the suit into almost black and white quality again is unknown), and they also have Wonder Woman’s costume on display, which looks pretty good and in line with the traditional suit from the comics.

Most exciting though are all the Batman related items, starting with the high-tech armored Batsuit that we will see the caped crusader wear when he faces down the Last Son of Krypton in the coming film. To see it full size and up close is clearly intriguing for most attendees, and even the pictures we have (see embedded Twitter pic below) do not quite capture the detail of the suit. If you are at the convention, you might even get to see the suit in action, as apparently Warner Bros is planning on having it worn by an actor and walked around the floor. Also featured are an array of Batman’s arsenal of gadgets, from batarangs, to grenades and a grenade launcher, to his trusted grappling hook, all the way to a close up detail of the high-tech cowl he will be sporting during the movie. From the props we’ve seen, it is clear that the Batman of ‘Batman V Superman’ will be well established in the world, with all of the tech we have seen him wield over the years at his disposal, which will be a welcome change from the Nolan films where the Dark Knight was just getting started.

Check out pics of everything discussed below, and check back here for more coverage from San Diego Comic Con as the week continues!





Source: Cinemablend, Screenrant