Ever since it was announced that Franz Drameh would be joining the cast of the CW’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ rumors have abounded as to what character the man would be playing. With names such as Cyborg and Wally West thrown around, some suspected that he might be the one to replace Robbie Amell as the second half of the Firestorm Matrix, alongside Victor Garber’s Dr. Martin Stein. A lot of people felt that particular rumor was confirmed when Ciara Renee released the following picture on Instagram, as the back right clearly shows a character who looks like Drameh as the new Firestorm (see picture below). And now, the CW has confirmed in a new promo for ‘The Flash‘ (which has promptly been taken down, though screenshots [see above] still remain) that Drameh will be the new Firestorm body, as he is clearly seen wearing the Quantum Splicer that allowed Stein and Ronnie Raymond to merge safely during ‘The Flash’ Season 1.

What does this mean for Robbie Amell? We know for sure he appears in the premiere episode of ‘The Flash’ season 2, but beyond that we do not know what events lead to him exiting the Firestorm partnership. Some suspect it might be a tragedy that will further send Caitlyn down the cold road toward Killer Frost, though I think the show-runners like the actor too much to just kill him off entirely. Most likely his schedule is busy right now, he could not commit to ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ so they are going to write him off the shows for awhile until he has time to come back.

What are your thoughts on the new Firestorm? Are you hoping they keep Ronnie Raymond alive, and one day return him to the Firestorm Matrix? Share your opinions below!

Source: Screen Rant