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Colin Trevorrow‘s (‘Jurassic World,’ ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’) ‘Stealing Time’ has been in limbo for quite awhile and DreamWorks is giving it another chance with Tim Dowling (‘Pixels’,’This Means War’). Dowling is currently working on a new draft of this time-traveling adventure which Trevorrow had originally penned. With Trevorrow’s success at ‘Jurassic World’ and being tapped to direct ‘Star Wars: Episode IX‘ it is quite clear that anything he is involved with is turning to gold so its no wonder that DreamWorks would want to capitalize on his work.

The story revolves around a scientist who travelled to the past in order to save his time machine from falling into the wrong hands. While he is stuck in history, his son and grandson have to tirelessly work to create the machine so that they can rescue him. Only, science isn’t their only problem as there are criminals who want the machine for themselves in order to use time travel for their own purposes.

Columbia originally had Walt Becker tapped to direct the film seven years ago though it clearly stalled and never happened. However, Steven Spielberg liked the idea and with DreamWorks is looking to see it become a reality.

Bob Cooper and Charles Segars who were previously set to produce the film are still around with Jeff Phillips and Trevorrow as the executive producers. No word on if Trevorrow will also direct the film but Becker is no longer attached.

With DreamWorks CEO Michael Wright wanting to have their upcoming work have the feel that 1980’s Amblin pictures had under Spielberg they believe that ‘Stealing Time’ is a prime candidate to be able to do just that. Personally I have a soft spot for all of his work from that era and hope that they can deliver on that kind of an action adventure film.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter