Power Rangers Jason David Frank

Of the dozens of Power Rangers over the years, Jason David Frank is probably the most recognizable, having broken out in the first season as the most popular character, Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger, and returning in various other seasons under the guise of different colored Rangers.  He made a brief cameo in the recent big screen reboot ‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ and is a constant presence at conventions year round, all the while maintaining a career as a mixed martial artist.

With his decades-long stint with the ‘Power Rangers’ brand, though, there is probably no one better to discuss how the production has evolved over the years.  His biggest observation is that the actual hand-to-hand combat is practically nonexistent in the more recent series including the present incarnation ‘Ninja Steel’.

“Even now you go and look back at some of the episodes (Mighty Morphin) and you’ve got Ninja Steel, and all these episodes there’s not a lot of fight scenes in it, they’re not fighting Putties. So when we were in season 1 it was like hardcore training. We did front suicides on concrete, we did all of our own stunts. I was there early all the time saying “give me, give me, give me, let me do some stuff!”

“I’m probably the only one that has a lot more helmet time than anyone, because of the Green Ranger in the dark dimension, when I fought Austin the Red Ranger Jason, I did all my own stunts.”

Frank has been active on the Con circuit for years, carrying on the legacy of the ‘Power Rangers’ and next year will see the first Power Morphicon, a festival devoted specifically to the various versions of the Rangers.  Frank will be present and there are rumors that this may be the largest reunion of past and present Rangers ever.

Frank is active on social media:

What is your favorite version of Tommy Oliver?  How do you think the franchise has evolved?

Source: ComicBook.com