Fans of H.G. Well’s classic ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau’ might be interested in hearing that CBS is planning to visit the property in a new series titled ‘Moreau’. We’ll see the characters put in a contemporary setting so we can see the current era of science and technology used.

‘Moreau’ is being Executive Produced and written by ‘Sleepy Hollow’ co-creator Phillip Iscove who clearly has experience taking characters from the past and throwing them into the present. After all, he was quite successful with this theme in ‘Sleepy Hollow, at least eh was for a season. Frank Marshall (‘Back to the Future’,’Raiders of the Lost Ark’) and Robert Zotnowski (‘House of Cards’,’The Drop’) are also on board to help produce.

Aside from being set in modern times, it appears that the big switch up is that Dr. Moreau will actually be Dr. Katherine Moreau in this one and give us a female lead who is lost in her mad science. The original novel had a man named Edward Prendick end up on Noble’s Isle where Moreau was creating new breeds of animals that were highly intelligent. My money is that we’ll see genetic engineering at play this time around.

The novel is out in the public domain if you have been wanting to read it for free but that also opens it up as a property that anyone can work out which should be obvious from the five cinematic adaptations that have already been released. Not to mention the adaptation of ‘The Island of Doctor Moreau‘ that Warner Brothers and Appian Way have been working on since 2013.

I’m sure the movie will be different enough from the series to not have any overlap in confusion. Of course with not much work being done on it since 2013, we’re either going to be hearing a lot about it soon or see it sitting in pre-production for a couple more years.

It does seem to be a good time to be a fan of H.G. Wells as ABC is also working on ‘Time After Time‘ which stars the writer as an actual time traveler trying to track down Jack the Ripper.

Are you looking forward to an ongoing series based off of ‘The Island of Doctor Monreau’? Do you feel that the cinematic take on the story is best told as a stand alone film or an ongoing series? Share your thoughts below!

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