Wondering what role Morgan (Lennie James) would be playing now that he is reunited with Rick (Andrew Lincoln)?  It’s not pretty!  The two survivors find themselves on opposing sides regarding the zombie-free settlement of Alexandria.  As is his usual m.o., Rick seeks to take over the small town with its running hot water and electricity.  Up until recently, Alexandria was an idyllic oasis in the walker-infested world.  All was tranquil until Rick and his ragtag gang showed up and folks started dying left and right.

In the new Season Six trailer, we learn that Rick is determined to take charge, but he has one major opponent, Morgan.  Last we saw, Alexandria was still safe and secure.  But that would make for a pretty boring show, so of course here comes bad luck Rick and the next thing you know, walkers are swarming the town and chowing down on the once peaceful citizens.

Watch all the conflict and gore here:

Lesson learned?  Rick ruins everything.  Hershel’s farm, the prison, the Governor’s town… if you manage to survive the zombie apocalypse and find shelter, if you see these jerks coming along, just kill them.  Even Daryl.  Things will not go your way.  Trust me.  I don’t care how good Carol’s cookies are.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns on October 11, 2015.