When he vacated the showrunner position of the now-acclaimed Marvel and Netflix series ‘Daredevil’, Drew Goddard was named the writer and director of Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man spinoff ‘The Sinister Six’. However, when Sony made a deal with Marvel Studios to jointly produce the next Spidey film and set it in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the future for the friendly neighborhood web-slinger’s planned sequels and spinoffs were up in the air. Many presumed that they were scrapped all together and now we know that at least one of them is definitely off the table.

While speaking to Crave at the Toronto International Film Festival about his contributions to the adaptation of ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon, Goddard touched on some of his superhero projects, including the scrapped ‘Sinister Six’ movie. After hearing what the movie might have been about thanks to the Sony hacks, some True Believers might be happy to hear that Sony isn’t moving forward with the film due to Peter Parker’s involvement in the MCU, but the filmmaker behind the supervillain team-up was and still is incredibly stoked for it:

“It’s not happening right now, but Hollywood is very volatile so you never know. On the off chance we actually get to make it one day I want to keep it sort of quiet, but it was the epic Spider-Man movie of my dreams. Yeah, no, look, I loved it. We were deep in pre-production when the Sony hack happened and it was sad to see everything go down. But welcome to Hollywood.”

Though that project may have gone the way of Spider-Man’s dune buggy, Goddard is still involved with the House of Ideas in a smaller capacity. Despite passing off showrunner duties to Steven S. DeKnight (who then passed the job to Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez for season two), the man who helped bring the Man Without Fear to life on your favorite streaming device remains involved in an executive producer capacity, which he is very happy to do:

“I’m still there. We were just in the writers room the other day talking about season 2. The good news is just I wasn’t the showrunner, but all my friends are – we turned over season 1 to Steven DeKnight and now Doug and Marco are doing season 2. And it’s a joy because I just get to show up and talk about Matt Murdock, which is what I love to do. The show’s in great with those guys and when they need help, I fly on in.”

Regardless of how weird ‘Sinister Six’ sounded during the leaks, Drew Goddard is a very talented storyteller. We’ve seen as much not only in ‘Daredevil,’ but also in ‘Cabin In The Woods,’ ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ and ‘Lost.’ Maybe if Marvel decides to introduce the villainous team somewhere down the line, I hope that he gets a crack as the project once again.