Simon Kinberg still hopes that he can somehow get a sequel to ‘Fantastic Four‘ onto the big screen. Sure the man might know his way around mutants but his work as a producer and writer for Marvel’s First Family has been rated as one of the worst comic book hero experiences to date on the big screen. We’ve heard Nicholas Cage ‘Ghost Rider‘ and Ben Affleck ‘Daredevil‘ comparisons on this one. Yet, before it was released upon an unsuspecting audience, a sequel had already been greenlit. Kinberg appears to have hope that he can push forward with a follow up. While doing promotional work for ‘The Martian‘ this box office blunder came up and Kinberg didn’t shy away from opening up about it.

Kinberg didn’t blame the studio or director Josh Trank for the faults with the film and simply said that he’s “really focused on the next one” and hadn’t time to really get his head wrapped around how badly the first one was received as he was immediately knee deep into production on ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ That might be something he wants to take to heart before really digging in on the next script.

His initial thoughts on the film were that:

“I was obviously disappointed. I was most disappointed that fans didn’t like it. I care more about them than I do anyone else. But I haven’t done a full deep dive on it. Do I think it was unfairly treated? I don’t know.”

I’m not sure if the final product just completely mismatched his vision for the film or if he had blinders on, but most of us who had to pay money to go see it wouldn’t think that it was treated unfairly. Some of his concern was that the press’s coverage of all of the production problems may have turned people off from the movie even though those problems can still make a great film:

“I’ve been on plenty of happy movies that don’t turn out to be very good movies, I’ve been on a lot of unhappy, difficult sets that turn out to be great movies. There was a lot of attention on the process of making that movie. It’s hard, when you’re making a movie, movies are hard to make. It’s just the reality.”

That is very true, however, I hate to say that this was just not one of those times. Where will they go from here?

“Every time you make a movie, you want to make a great movie. It’s a ton of time and effort you put in. We made that movie in the sweltering heat of summer in Baton Rouge and I was there every day of photography. You’re waking up every morning being like, I want to go make a great movie. It was an opportunity to do that. I do believe there is a great ’Fantastic Four’ movie that we’ve made with that cast. So I’m gonna figure out what that is.”

There quite possibly could be a good ‘Fantastic Four’ film that could be made with the cast, this one just wasn’t it. While he would like the next movie to continue with the same cast, not everyone is thinking that positively about a sequel actually happening.

The film’s Sue Storm played by Kate Mara was also on hand to support ‘The Martian’ by saying that she believes it is “unlikely that [a sequel] will happen, but I would love to [do one]. I would love to play Sue Storm in a movie that everybody loves. That would be great.”

As a fan or Mara’s other work, I agree that it would have been great to see happen. However, chances are that she is right on the money. We’ll most likely get another rushed reboot to prevent the rights from being returned to Marvel instead of a follow up to a potential franchise killer which lost millions.

Would you be willing to give ‘Fantastic Four 2’ a chance? Do you think after how badly it bombed at the box office that Fox even plans to try and continue this iteration and not just reboot it? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: MTV