Pull out the violins ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Garfield apparently has more to say about his time as Spider-Man, and as has become clear from the last few times he has spoken on his time playing the iconic character, it is a bit melancholy. When asked by ‘The Independent’ to reflect on the experience of being Spider-Man, Garfield had the following to say:

“There were beautiful things about it and also privileged things about it which I struggled with and then some really disenchanting things that happened…Hollywood is the epicenter of worldly values where a piece of art is judged, not on how many lives it touches or what change it makes, but as long as that film makes money…Only then is it a success. Or as long as that film gets awards then it’s a success, its worthy to be here. I feel lucky that I now have that awareness that something is damaging and can separate me from just being in the world, and I really want to be in the world even though it’s painful. I’d much rather be in the world than in some ivory tower somewhere.”

Let’s get one thing straight, I like Andrew Garfield and I think he did an admirable job playing ‘Spider-Man’ despite the chaos of the studio, the writing and the directing going on for both of the films he was involved in. However, at a certain point I think the media needs to stop hounding the man about what happened, especially when he is out promoting new films (in this case his new movie ’99 Homes’) and on the same token, Garfield needs to stop providing the media reasons to ask him these questions. Every time he bemoans the experience, suddenly he is a topic of interest once more and more reporters feel the need to ask him even more about ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ He has come out in support of Tom Holland and Spidey being in the MCU, why can we not just leave it at that?

What are your thoughts on Andrew Garfield’s continued dialogue on the Spider-Man topic? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: CBM