Magic 8 Ball

Mattel Films is teaming up with low-budget horror hitmaking Blumhouse to create a movie based on the classic plaything the ‘Magic 8 Ball’, and Jeff Wadlow (‘Truth or Dare’, ‘Fantasy Island’) has signed on to direct, and co-write the script with Jillian Jacobs and Chris Roach.

Mattel Films’ Robbie Brenner stated:

“Since the 1950s, Magic 8 Ball has inspired imagination, suspense, and intrigue across generations. This iconic toy has a built-in connection with fans and untapped potential for storytelling.  There are no partners better suited to tell the Magic 8 Ball story in collaboration with Mattel Films than Jeff Wadlow and Blumhouse Productions, whose unique approach to the thriller genre has captivated audiences worldwide and has gained widespread accolades.”


Blumhouse’s Jason Blum added:

“As fans of Mattel and their iconic brands, we’re looking forward to bringing Magic 8 Ball, one of their most celebrated toys, to life, and playing against expectations in doing so.  We look forward to partnering with Mattel Films to put this project on the fast track to the big screen and create a memorable experience for moviegoers.”

Pretty much everyone in the world has owned a Magic 8 Ball, a plastic bauble that can supposedly predict the future if you ask it a “yes/no” question.  Time magazine selected it as one of the 100 Greatest Toys of All Time.

This marks the first partnership between Mattel Films and an independent studio.  Other toy-based film projects that Mattel has in the works include ‘Barbie’, starring Margot Robbie, and ‘Hot Wheels’ with Warner Brothers; ‘Masters of the Universe’, starring Noah Centineo, with Columbia Pictures; and ‘American Girls’ and ‘View-Master’ with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.  The only film that appears close to production is ‘Masters of the Universe’, which is scheduled to arrive in theaters on March 5, 2021.

Blumhouse previously made a hit movie based on another slightly sinister toy, ‘Ouija’.  The studio is best known for making horror movies on the cheap, which then earn back many times their budget on ticket sales.  And many of their hits have been rated PG-13, making them more accessible to teens, a major demographic for horror movies.

Are you excited that the ‘Magic 8 Ball’ is being turned into a movie?  Signs point to…


Source: Deadline