After the news earlier this month that Falk Hentschel was cast to play Hawkman (aka Carter Hall) on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ most fans were unsure whether he would have a recurring role or be a permanent member of the cast. It seems that Hawkman is now confirmed as a series regular on the new ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ spin-off, and he (along with Vandal Savage) will be introduced during an upcoming ‘Arrow’ / ‘The Flash’ cross-over event that will help set things in motion for the new show.

For anyone worried that Hawkman might take time and attention away from Kendra Hall, aka. Hawkgirl, who first appeared in ‘The Flash’ Season 1 finale, apparently there is nothing to worry about. Although she and Hawkman are a couple in the comics, the relationship will not be as simple on the show, meaning she will have plenty of time to shine on her own. According to executive producer Phil Klemmer, Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s relationship will be more similar to a classic cinema couple than just a pair of dating superheroes:

“It doesn’t [take away from Hawkgirl’s siginificance], because the way we’ve imagined them is that they’ve obviously been reincarnated through the ages together, but the fact that he remembers their previous lives and she doesn’t… it gives them very much like a Bogie & Bacall sort of [relationship].”

Which is similar to how the characters were presented on the ‘Justice League Unlimited’ animated series that ran in the early 2000s, whereas Hawkman was obsessed with Hawkgirl because he knew of their past lives together, and she was just not that interested in the man, even going so far as to think he might be a stalker for awhile. With that dynamic in mind, it will definitely be interesting to see how they handle the relationship between the Hawks, and hopefully it will add some great drama, humor, and tension to ‘Legends of Tomorrow.’

What are your thoughts on the new showing having both Hawkgirl and Hawkman? Is the show already feeling a little crowded? Share your opinions below!

Source: Cinemablend