So far, there hasn’t been much announced regarding the upcoming animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels’ beyond the premise, which is that the show takes place between the prequels and the original trilogy and shows the Empire rising to power and hunting down the last remaining Jedi, and the formation of the Rebel Alliance.  So far, the only character revealed has been The Inquisitor.  Fittingly, this character is the first revealed to be getting his own action figure by Hasbro.

Check him out below:

Here is a description from

The figure — the first to be seen from the upcoming Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends line — features five points of articulation, show-accurate accessories, and is sculpted in the art style of the series. Look for the Inquisitor and the Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends line to hit store shelves in fall 2014.

Granted, there will never be another Darth Vader, but do you think The Inquisitor could prove to be an important character in the Star Wars mythology?  Will you be picking up this action figure for your collection?

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