If cancellation wasn’t enough, it now seems that NBC is trying to completely bury ‘Hannibal‘ alive by moving it to the Saturday death slot of 10pm. While I find that annoying, I can’t really argue the death slot move as the series is running on borrowed time as we all already know it will soon be off the air for good. The series previously held the Thursday night position which is one of the bigger TV nights though now is going to be losing more of its dwindling ratings. Joining it on Saturdays will be ‘Aquarius’ which will most likely be suffering the same fate at this rate.

Currently we know that ‘Hannibal’ hasn’t been able to find a home at Netflix due to Amazon’s streaming contract on the show and Amazon isn’t interested in continuing the series without NBC’s support. With other streaming networks in the same bind it is a good thing that DeLaurentiis Company and showrunner Bryan Fuller till has one last card to play. We learned at San Diego Comic-Con 2015 that if rights issues were resolved we could actually see a movie being created to give the series a proper goodbye for Fannibals. Not only that but if they did go the movie route we would see both Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen returning to reprise their roles.

Fuller did previously mention that even without a movie the third season would provide a good end cap for the show but with how much he is trying to push for more completion I feel that he still has more story that needs to be told.

Is anyone really surprised about the time slot change for a series that is destined to be cancelled? Do you share the same hope that we’ll see more closure in a feature length ‘Hannibal’ film? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider