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It seems that Fox’s ‘Exorcist‘ pilot is moving along quite nicely as they have just possessed Geena Davis (‘Thelma & Louise,’ ‘Beetlejuice’) to join the cast in one of the starring roles.

This Oscar-winning actress has constantly been busy and seems to enjoy her work in television as she’ll be returning after her 2-year stint on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. On the series she is set to join the already cast of Alfonso Herrera (‘Sense8′,’The Perfect Dictatorship’) as Father Tomas Ortega with Ben Daniels (‘House of Cards’,’Flesh and Bone’) as Father Marcus. The pilot is set to be directed by Rupert Wyatt who still hasn’t been confirmed to be the ongoing director of the show.

‘Exorcist’ is planned as a “modern reinvention” of the iconic classic and the very thought of modernizing such a film will have many purists on edge. However, times have changed and it will be interesting to see another take of demonic possession set in modern times which can hopefully play out a little better than much of what has been released on film over the past few years. Shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’  , ‘American Horror Story’, and ‘Scream Queens’ continue to show us that horror is alive and well on the small screen so it would only make sense to studios to revisit older successful properties as A&E is doing with ‘Damien’.

In the pilot, we’ll see Davis playing Angela Rance. While not spelled out as the mother of the possessed young girl my guess is that and they are describing her as:

A regal and proud woman who does everything she can to stay positive and keep her faith even though her family is currently struggling. She can’t help but think, however, if perhaps her nightmares about a demon are a sign of what’s wrong.

Again, they aren’t stating that she is, in fact, the mother of who will be possessed or if they change things up so it’s the mother who ends up as the host to a demon. However, my money is that we’ll have to see Davis’ character trying to cope with events that are out of her control.

What are your thoughts on ‘The Exorcist’ getting rebooted? Do you think that with Geena Davis being attached we should have hope that they’re onto something good here? Share your thoughts below!

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