Syfy is cancelling ‘Haven‘ after the upcoming second half of the fifth season. This is unfortunately what we suspected might happen after the current season was doubled in length and where things seemed to be at plot wise. When it first premiered it seemed hard to imagine that they could come up with a single season adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Colorado Kid’ and now it seems hard to imagine that it is coming to an end. The first half of this 26 episode season aired in 2015 and the second half is set to be released starting this October.

With the show being cancelled anyone who has invested this much time in the series might be a little annoyed about how it will come to a close. Thankfully, they went into filming this season with that very thought in mind. According to showrunner Gabrielle Stanton:

“I’m sure as a fellow TV fan, there’s nothing more annoying than when a show kind of feels like it might be wrapping up, but they just don’t address it, they don’t come to any kind of satisfying conclusion. I always think that’s cheating the audience a little bit, of a nice satisfying ending. So we really looked at these 13 episodes as if… If we were indeed going to end, what would be the best ending we could possibly do for Haven?”

So it looks as if they wrote things in a way that will keep us all satisfied. However, that doesn’t mean the story is fully closed when the curtain closes:

“We left it open but if it is the series finale, we think the fans will be satisfied. We didn’t want to leave it on a giant cliffhanger, just in case we didn’t come back. We didn’t want to leave fans going, “Wait a minute!” because I’ve seen shows do that, and as a viewer, it’s just so frustrating. So as a writer it was kind of nice to say, ok, if this is the end, how can we leave this world in the most satisfying way possible?”

So while we will be happy with the ending there clearly is more story to tell. These days a cancellation doesn’t necessarily mean that the show will be gone for good as there is a chance at a movie:

“I think it will feel satisfying on its own as a finale for a series as a whole. But if fans wanted a TV movie after that, I bet you’d find some actors and writers who are very amenable to that.”

Or even another season elsewhere such as Netflix:

“I’m sure that [the show’s production companies] eOne and Piller/Segan/Shepard are out there looking at that option, which is out there now. It’s so cool, that that option now exists where it never used to. I can’t speak to it personally because I’m not involved in those discussions.”

Sadly I have a feeling that we won’t be getting either. However, the show’s creator’s always had a specific ending in mind. Will this finale give us that?

“That’s an interesting question. I think parts of it are. Haven evolved so organically over the years, things happened that creators couldn’t really anticipate, so I think some of the stuff is new. We definitely did some stuff that they saw from the very beginning in terms of thematic closure and relationship closure and stuff like that, but as our mythology expanded over the years, I think we ended up taking it to maybe a deeper level than we would have thought we were going to in the pilot.”

So there is absolutely room for a little more story. I’d love to see at least a made for TV movie giving us the full closure, but it sounds as if the upcoming season finale will put us closer to an actual ending than the majority of cancelled shows.

Are you looking forward to see how ‘Haven’ ends? Do you think we should get another season or movie to wrap things up? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Wrap