The end of Peyton Reed’s ‘Ant-Man’ left us with a huge tease for the future of Hope Van Dyne in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Following Scott Lang’s successful first stint as the size-shifting superhero, Hank Pym bestowed upon his daughter the mantle of her fallen mother and a suit of her own to harness the powerful size-changing Pym Particles. Though the original ideas for The Wasp to appear in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ have been derailed slightly due to the actress’ pregnancy, there are definitely plans in motion for Evangeline Lilly’s character to have a larger role in Phase Three. It’s a good thing too because apparently Lilly has the right outfit for the job.

During a recent Q&A on her Facebook page, Lilly revealed that she has already been scanned and fitted for her Wasp costume. After addressing a fan’s question about who she would like to face off with in the MCU (the answer is the Incredible Hulk), she shared that her super suit is as good as ready for her when she gets to call to leap into action. Although, that probably won’t be for a little bit due to her brand new bundle of joy:

Lilly also covered a number of other topics such as ‘Lost’, ‘The Hobbit’, and other Marvel Studios films. But some of the most interesting ones had to do with the Phase Two finale. For instance, she discussed the feelings that Hope had for Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross:

And finally she gave us some insight into the differences between Edgar Wright’s and Peyton Reed’s version of Hope Van Dyne:

It’s good to know that the Wasp is ready and waiting to appear in the MCU soon. But until that day comes, what do you think about Evangeline Lilly’s future with the character? Are you looking forward to seeing her take up the mantle from Janet Van Dyne? Let us know in the comments below.