Microsoft just released a new trailer at Gamescom for ‘Quantum Break,’ the upcoming XBox One exclusive game from Remedy Entertainment. Called ‘Time is Power,’ the trailer showcases gameplay elements, in-game cut scenes, and also parts of the live-action series that will accompany the game. That’s right, for those who didn’t know yet, one of ‘Quantum Break’’s big features is that the game will run parallel with a live-action TV series of sorts, and the show will change in various ways depending on the decisions you make in the game. This does seem like it could get gimmicky or be nothing more than longer, better-looking cut scenes, but I imagine how good it is depends on the quality of the show itself, and they certainly spared no expense getting a cast of good actors, as you’ll see in the trailer.

As you can see in the trailer, one of the main features of the ‘Quantum Break’ game will be time manipulation to help you fight against the various enemies you will face. This seems like a logical extension of the “bullet time” gameplay pioneered by Remedy back in in 2001 with the first two games in the ‘Max Payne’ series. Though instead of just slowing down time, in ‘Quantum Break’ you will be able to stop time all around you or just in a small, localized area.

As far as the story goes, several individuals are involved in a time travel experiment gone very wrong, and somehow the accident gives some of them time-related superpowers. The main antagonist, Paul Serene, (played by Aidan Gillen, A.K.A. Littlefinger from ‘Game of Thrones’) was given the ability to see the future and alter it by making the right choices in the present. Meanwhile the protagonist, Jack Joyce (played by Shawn Ashmore) was given the aforementioned time stopping powers. Oh, and apparently time itself is going to end too. For some reason it seems Paul might not want to stop that, but Jack sure does.

Quantum Break’s release date had been late 2015 but it has been pushed back and the game is now slated for release on April 5th, 2016.