The Television Critics Associate press tour this year held a panel about the upcoming horror series ‘Ash vs Evil Dead‘ series, which is being produced by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless. Raimi, Campbell, and Lawless were on stage again to answer questions and while there was some repeat info from the SDCC panel, there was also a few new morsels of info.

First of all, Raimi made some pretty big promises about what the show will deliver in terms of horror content, saying that “I think you’re going to find things that disturb you as much as that sequence in the original ‘Evil Dead’ but they’ll be different and new.” The “that sequence” he’s referring to is the infamous “tree rape scene” which tends to make even hardcore fans rather uncomfortable (to say the least) and Raimi himself admitted a long time ago that he regrets having ever put it in the movie.

They did admit that due to the shorter nature of TV episodes, they had to spend more time on character development and less on fancy camera work. Raimi said that they “couldn’t set up as many trick shots,” as they would have liked, but also felt that ultimately it would be for the best. That’s not to say that they’ll be completely abandoning their roots. Campbell likes to talk about how much blood he keeps getting in his face. “I went blind the other day shooting a scene… Take a shower and open your eyes right into the faucet. That’s how much blood there is on this show. I’ve been gagged once and I went blind.”

Raimi and Campbell also talked a bit more about how the series exists because of just how much fans wanted not just more ‘Evil Dead’ but specifically more Ash. They both emphasized that even though it took them a while to get to the next chapter in Ash’s life, they never really grew tired of the series or being associated with it, as many artists sometimes do when associated with only a single work. Campbell said, ”I’ve actually been more pigeonholed by my fans than the film industry itself. I don’t think I was ever really over it… I can’t be over the ‘Evil Dead’ movies. They got me into the film business.” Raimi spoke of similar experiences. “I thought I was very lucky in my film career. I got some great jobs, ‘Spider-Man,’ ‘Spider-Man 2.’ I’d go to conventions and all people ask is when I’m going to make another ‘Evil Dead’ film… I thought I was telling other good stories but they don’t care about them. They want this one. We should really embrace it.”

While on the topic of potential returns to old series, one reporter asked about Campbell’s excellent and unfairly cancelled 1993 sci-fi western ‘The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.’ and if it might someday make a comeback. Campbell answered, “You never know. Never say never. Old TV shows used to age like fish but not anymore. They’ll pull anything out of the hat.”

‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ will premiere on Starz this coming Halloween.