If you had a chance to check out this week’s ‘Supergirl‘ episode “Bunker Hill” and stuck around until the post-credits scene, you were probably shocked at how inclusive of the DC universe that the “Elseworlds” event actually is. While the series didn’t throw a pile of heroes at the screen to enjoy, it did show a bit of what is coming during this year’s epic crossover.

The footage jumped over to Earth-90 where we realize exactly how much of a problem The Arrowverse is about to find itself in. We’re shown that the planet has been absolutely decimated with superhero bodies and references displayed on the screen. The last survivor appears to be John Wesley Shipp’s take on The Flash from the 90s series. The Monitor claims that the heroes did this to themselves and reaches for the book which has been appearing in “Elseworlds” promos and the hero tries to outrun the energy which comes forth from it.

We know that Shipp’s Flash will escape Earth-90 and reappear in the crossover but how he gets to The Arrowverse remains to be seen.

As to who ends up being dead in the series? We’ve got a rundown of the 11-confirmed heroes as can be seen below:

The first is an appearance of Stargirl which makes it seem like she may appear from the DC Universe streaming service at some point down the line:


This one was hard to tell but is either Stripe or Brainiac 5:


A bit hard to make out but once you know it is Huntress it is easy to see the character:


There is no mistaking Firestorm for another character:


Remember, we’re in the world of the 90s take of ‘The Flash’ and this is the Captain Cold of that era. I wonder if they got Michael Champion back to reprise the role while just laying on the ground?


Jesse Quick wasn’t quite fast enough to survive this encounter:


There doesn’t appear to be much left of The Ray on this world:


This outfit seems to say that Hawkman wasn’t able to survive this encounter:


A helmet laying on the ground without a body doesn’t confirm that Hawkgirl didn’t make it, but chances are she is no longer among the land of the living:


It was clearly Captain Cold above so would this one be Citizen Cold or a Captain from another Earth? Hard to tell…


Finally, this appears to be the Green Arrow from ‘Smallville’ or the hero from this planet seems to have the same fashion styling that he did:


You can watch the entire post-credit scene below:


Are you looking forward to this year’s “Elseworlds” event which kicks off on December 9th, 2018? Which of these heroes were you shocked to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book