DC’s foxy lady, Vixen is less than a month from debuting in her new self-titled animated series, via The CW Seed.  The series stars a long-running hero, Mari Jiwi McCabe, a fashion model who possesses the Tantu Totem, a fox-shaped talisman that gives her the power to mimic any animal’s natural abilities.  The show is set within the same realm as ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ and serves as a compliment to them.  Whereas ‘Arrow’ typically focuses on a more real world scenario without (m)any super beings and ‘The Flash’ incorporates scientific metahumans, ‘Vixen’ will add the element of mysticism.

To build interest, The CW Seed tweeted a new image to give fans a glimpse of the new hero:

Here is the series’ official synopsis:

‘Arrow”s Marc Guggenheim heads up a new animated web series for The CW Seed, focusing on DC Comics heroine Mari McCabe aka Vixen. Megalyn Echikunwoke will voice McCabe and portray her on any of the live-action CW shows, should McCabe crossover. Arrow’s Stephen Amell and The Flash’s Grant Gustin are both voicing their characters for the web series. James Tucker, of DC animated film fame, is directing. Guggenheim previously confirmed that Vixen takes place around S03E15/S03E16 of Arrow. The web series will consist of six webisodes, totaling for a runtime of 30 minutes. It’s an origin story, set in Detroit, MI. Vixen will premiere on August 25th on CW Seed.

Photo credit: Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com

The most intriguing line in the description is, “Megalyn Echikunwoke will voice McCabe and portray her on any live-action CW shows, should McCabe crossover.”  This is the first mention (to my knowledge) of the possibility that Vixen could appear in live-action on the shows.  But it’s welcome news!  Vixen, though not a headliner, is one of DC’s most visible heroes of color, so elevating her profile through this web series and TV would be an excellent move on Warner Brothers’ part.

Echikunwoke has had recurring roles on ‘The 4400’, ‘90210’, ‘CSI: Miami’, and ‘The Following’ among other series.  She will be seen next year in the miniseries ‘Damien‘ a retelling of the classic horror movie ‘The Omen.’

Are you excited about ‘Vixen’ joining the CW/DC party?  How do you feel about introducing characters via a web animated series?  Will that open the door to even more DC heroes coming aboard?

‘Vixen’ arrives on The CW Seed on August 25th.  Check out the Comic Con sizzle reel below!

Source: Comic Book Movie