We’re all dying to know if Jon Snow actually bit the big one on the last season finale of ‘Game of Thrones‘ and HBO may have just hinted at what we can expect. Sure we know that Kit Harington has kept his hair long which he is under contract to do if he is still shooting for the series on HBO. On top of that, we know he just flew to Belfast with other members of the show where season 6 is starting to shoot. Even with those two facts in mind he could jut be showing up for some kind of a quick funeral scene right?

Well, HBO may have confirmed that he is still alive and kicking in the most unlikely of ways. The studio just sent out an e-mail about a toy and merchandise sale for ‘Game of Thrones’ fans. The theme for the sale is “In Memorium: Fallen Fan Favorites”. The purpose of this sale is to feature all of the characters who have died on the series so far by offering up their toys and more on sale. From Khal Drogo to Rob Stark’s sword and from a Stannis pin to a Joffrey Baratheon POP! toy, we have the full range of collectibles to honor all of those who have died off. So what is the big deal? Well, you know nothing if you are even for a second guessing that Jon Snow’s merchandise is included in the sale. Could he be so much of a fan favorite that they just don’t want to take anything off of his toys? More likely this is a case of unofficially verifying that he’ll be returning at some point in the next season. If the toy isn’t on the shelf, one could easily guess that Jon Snow isn’t dead yet! Or at least not permanently with a priestess who can bring the dead back to life that is currently in residence at Castle Black.

One thing that fans might want to keep in mind is that there are items of one other character whose fate was left somewhat open ended as there are a few items for The Hound included in the lot. It looks as if Brienne did end up taking his life after all.

Do you think Jon Snow will be staying dead or was this a slip up on whoever sets the toy sales as to if he’ll return? Share your thoughts below!

‘Game of Thrones’ will return in HBO in 2016!

Source: Cinema Blend