The Sid and Marty Krofft digital reboot of their seventies kids series ‘Electra Woman and Dyna Girl’ is surging forward.  Following the exploits of two wannabe super heroes from Akron, Ohio who move to Los Angeles to hit the big time of super heroing, YouTubers Grace Helbig and Hanna Hart are starring as 2015 updates of the two leotard-clad adventurers originally played by Diedre Hall and Judy Strangis on ‘The Krofft Supershow’ from 1976-77.

The show’s stars describe the show as “‘The Avengers’ meets ‘Friends’ meets ‘Girls’.”  The reboot is produced by Legendary Digital Media and Fullscreen.  The stars are known for their Youtube series– Helbig’s ‘It’s Grace’ and Hart’s ‘My Drunk Kitchen.’  Helbig also recently signed a deal for a talk show on E!

The new teaser features the girls in action, both in their original homemade outfits and in their new Hollywood-supplied get-ups.  It also features behind-the-scenes commentary by the two stars.

Watch below:

This is the second time an attempt has been made to revive the series.  In 2001, a pilot for a raunchy, adult take was filmed, produced by Warner Brothers, thus allowing DC’s stable of characters to appear and be referenced.  The Flash and Aquaman both make cameos and references are made to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman (well, at least to her “fake tits”).  Markie Post starred as Electra Woman.  You can watch that version here.

While the new version is comedic and modernized– using Youtube to promote their heroics– and is clearly for adults only, it isn’t as raunchy as the 2001 attempt.

Are you excited to see a modern, kickass spin on the campy 70s adventure series?

Source: The Mary Sue