Bryan Singer and company were definitely making waves at Comic Con this year, with an expansive panel that started off with Hugh Jackman bidding farewell to his fans, and thanking Bryan Singer for launching his career and helping him bring the “legend” to life. Jackman confirmed that  ‘Wolverine 3’ would be the last time he would take on the role of Wolverine, though he and Singer apparently still have some talking to do as it seemed clear the director is pushing for Jackman to cameo in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Here are Jackman’s thoughts on his final outing as the fan-favorite X-Man:

“This next time is going to be my last time for putting on the claws. One last time. … [And] in this movie that we are going to make, it’s going to be directed by Jim Mangold, the great Jim Mangold. … And I can tell you, the people who are in this room, the fans, in this room, it’s going to be the best one yet for you guys.”

Afterwards, Singer and Panel MC Chris Hardwick called out the full cast of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ and Jackman found he was not afforded a seat, as he had yet to confirm he would appear in the film. After some awkwardness between him and Singer, the panel began, the highlight being the 5 minutes of footage they revealed. While Singer warned that it was only from about 5 weeks of shooting and included no visual effects, the footage impressed the audience nonetheless. Apocalypse was revealed in his full blue and purple costume, as was the rest of the cast, including McAvoy finally in full Professor X garb, including the shaved head. We saw Magneto, Psylocke, Storm, Jubilee and Angel standing with Apocalypse, though it remains unclear who his 4 horsemen will be.

Following the footage, Hardwick asked all of the castmembers their thoughts about their characters, being especially excited to speak to Olivia Munn (Psylocke), who only a few years earlier covered Comic Con with Hardwick for ‘Attack of the Show.’ The actors revealed few details about their roles, though we did learn Magneto has essentially hung up his cape in the 10 years since ‘Days of Future Past’ and is only dragged back into the chaos through meeting Apocalypse. And Oscar Isaac had an interesting take on the titular character, saying “This world that we have, it’s not the world that should’ve been. God’s just been asleep, and God wakes up and realizes what’s happened and says ‘It’s gotta change.’” We also got Jennifer Lawrence saying she is more Raven in this movie, as, in her words, “She didn’t wanna be the face of a world that she felt didn’t exist,” harkening back to the fact that mutantkind is now accepted in the world thanks to her actions in stopping Magneto from starting a war, yet she still feels humankind will never really accept mutants.

The panel ended with a massive group photo with the casts of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ ‘Deadpool,’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ with the cameraman being Stan Lee himself. Of course, they soon realized no one actually had a camera, but they were saved by the arrival of Channing Tatum with his Gambit staff, who offered them his camera. All in all, an excellent outing for the XCU (X-Men Cinematic Universe), and I’m sure the fans left the panel feeling very hopeful and excited for the future of the franchise.

Sources: Slashfilm, CinemablendCollider