With ‘Hunger‘ and ‘Ultimate Comics: ‘Cataclysm’ #0.1 coming to a close that means ‘Cataclysm’ is now in full swing. It doesn’t become more apparent when in the very first official issue of the event there’s no build up or teasers – Galactus has come to Earth!

We open the comic and aren’t actually working with The Ultimates right off the bat. In fact its Miles Morales, the current Ultimate version of Spider-Man talking to his best friend when suddenly chaos ensues. A giant purple man appears in the sky and starts blowing  which is taking out buildings left and right. Miles tells his best friend to get out of there and save himself at which point, he dons his Spidey suit that he’s been reluctant to wear for over a year and starts trying to save everyone he can.

What’s his take on Galactus? He’s not an idiot. He realizes the big guy is way out of his league and just tries to save the innocent bystanders that he can.

Right as people are asking where The Ultimates are to save the day, they appear. The problem with their appearance is that it shows exactly how much weaker the heroes from this Universe are. Sure, most of those that show up couldn’t put a dent into Galactus on a good day, but even this world’s Thor takes a few shots at the devourer of worlds and it doesn’t even phase him.

Looks like the premise from the recent story line was correct and the only way to save this world may have been to give this world’s maniacal Reed Richards their version of the Infinity Gauntlets. Too little too late and The Ultimates are pretty much swept aside.

While this fight is going on, Iron Man has been running scans and quickly realizes that Galactus isn’t from this Universe. He’s a cosmic level threat that they just don’t have the power to do anything about.

With this five issue mini-series, the last scheduled books in The Ultimate Universe, and no announcement of what is happening to the characters afterwards, is either the best ruse Marvel has pulled off in years or we’re truly seeing the destruction of the Ultimate Universe. Tie that in with this reunion of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley who were at the Ultimate Universe’s creation, it would be fitting for them to be there at its end.

This issue flies by. It has a regular page count but feels so short as the dialogue is light and the action sequences are epic and just draws you in. The destruction, the chaos, the attempt at the heroes trying to make a dent in the person destroying their planet. It’s grand and also highly disheartening that they really currently seem as if they don’t have a chance here.

The art and writing, short as it was, is great. I’m eager to see if this is going to be the actual end of the Ultimate Universe or if its the first good secret Marvel has been able to keep for us in quite some time. I’m also curious to see how Reed Richards will get dragged out of prison and into the fight since I’m sure that’ll end up happening.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley