Following on the heels of Mark Millar, another well-known comic book creator, Rob Liefeld has signed a deal with Netflix to adapt his works into a shared universe, under the banner ‘Extreme Universe’ named after his independent comic studio.  The deal does not include his best-known concepts, ‘Youngblood’, ‘Glory’ and ‘Supreme’ but does include six other titles and over 50 characters: ‘Brigade’, a team founded by a fallen hero, which was constantly troubled by betrayal and infiltration; ‘Bloodstrike’, a group of formerly dead superheroes, brought back to life by the US government to be used as assassins; ‘Cybrid’, an animalistic/cybernetic antihero with massive claws and other heavy weapons; ‘Re:Gex’, a parallel universe tale of a group of mutants and cyborgs who battle the tyrannical ruler Lord Sharpe; ‘Bloodwulf’, a powerful alien bounty hunter, who might just bear a striking resemblance to DC Comics’ Lobo; and ‘Kaboom’ a sixteen year-old who gains super powers thanks to a pair of magical gloves.  As you can probably guess, these projects will aim for an R-rating.

Liefeld said:

Rob Liefeld
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“Marvel and DC have their own wonderful mythologies and so too over the last 27 years, has Extreme.  Fueled by unique and powerful characters and conflicts, they all stand on their own separate foundations.”

Last year, Liefeld, with producer/director/writer Akiva Goldsman and producer Graham King attempted to bring the Extreme Universe of characters to the big screen, but with that having apparently fallen through, the Netflix deal will perhaps at least bring these characters to life.  King is no longer attached, but Goldsman will oversee the writers room and produce as will Liefeld and Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment.

Netflix feature film chief Scott Stuber said:

“Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Universe features gritty stories and distinctive characters.  Akiva’s creative voice has been behind some of the largest movie franchises, making him uniquely capable of helping bring these superheroes from the Extreme Universe to life for Netflix.”

Goldsman added:

“Rob is a unique and innovative talent who knows how to combine hard-edged comic book action with real emotionality. Netflix has the ambition, reach, and dedication to bring his universe to life.”

Liefeld famously created Deadpool for Marvel, and that character’s first film was a huge smash.  Two more of his creations, Cable and Domino will make their live-action film debuts in ‘Deadpool 2’ later this year.  It’s not too surprising that the creator wants a bigger piece of the pie by using characters he owns outright.  And it’s also not that big a mystery why Netflix would bet on this creator in particular in hopes of score a hit shared universe, especially with the future of their Marvel shows in question.

Finally, Liefeld stated:

“Netflix has become a part of every day existence for me and my children. Their programming is the most dynamic and diverse I have seen. I am beyond thrilled and inspired to be bringing my Extreme catalogue to life with the creative wizards at Netflix. What Akiva Goldsman has achieved with his craft and storytelling across all mediums in our industray is of absolute benefit for my Extreme characters. He is an absolute comic book fanatic and working with him on adapting Extreme Universe has been electric. His stellar work on Star Trek Discovery has wowed the fandom and trust me when I say that the Teen Titans show he is producing is going to blow fans away. I cannot wait to show the world what we have in store.”

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