If you can’t wait until Duncan Jones’ ‘Warcraft‘ is released, you’ll be happy to hear that a graphic novel prequel is in the works! Having just gotten a slew of buzz from new images emerging from the convention it is time to start to get really excited. While most video game adaptations have done horrible on the big screen, the early imagery hints that we might have a true hit on our hands. Of course, with the video games having such a rich history built up at this point, there is only so much that can be crammed into a single film so Legendary Comics felt that a graphic novel might be the best way to fill in some of the history of Azeroth for moviegoers.

Titled ‘Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood’ we will see this graphic novel penned by Paul Cornell (‘Knight and Squire’,’Demon Knights’) with art being handled by Mat Broome (‘Batman: No Man’s Land’,’Witchblade’). Not only do we have who is in charge of the comic to share with you today but the first image from it as well which you can check out below!

There won’t be much of a wait between the comic prequel and the film’s release as it will be hitting stands in May of 2016, just weeks before the movie comes out. Cornell and Broome aren’t just taking random pieces to create the book as they are adapting an idea from Chris Metzen. Metzen is the man at Blizzard responsible for coming up with the vast majority of the lore in the ‘Warcraft’ games and has also worked on comics in the past.

Sounds like a pairing made in heaven for giving us exactly the kind of a story Blizzard is known for that would tie into the film. While the plot may be solid, I do have to say that the promotional image above is a bit of a let down after how amazing the SDCC coverage from the film has looked.

Are you looking forward to ‘Warcraft’ or are you reserving judgement until a trailer is released? What are your thoughts on Legedary’s comic line creating tie-in comics and graphic novels to their cinematic properties? Share your thoughts below!

‘Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood’ will be released in May of 2016. Duncan Jones ‘Warcraft’ will open in theaters on June 10th, 2016

Source: Screen Rant.