The original ‘Ghostbusters’ is in my top two movies of all time so every time a piece of news arises about the idea of a third film in the series, I’m torn. I would absolutely love to see ‘Ghostbusters’ continue their legacy on the big screen. But then I start to think… What if it sucks? What if they do to ‘Ghostbusters’ what George Lucas did to ‘Star Wars’ and take a huge Hollywood dump over one of my beloved franchises?

I know Dan Aykroyd wants the third film to be made but every time it seems like the project may actually be moving forward, it’s dropped yet again. Aykroyd wrote a script for it nearly 15 years ago and the game of on-again and off-again has been going on ever since. For the past couple of years, the center of the ‘Ghostbusters 3’ hoopla has been actor Bill Murray. First he was in, then he was out, then just last month, he said he was back in again if the studios could put together a funny enough script.

Well it seems as if someone took Murray’s words to heart. Dan Aykroyd has been traveling around hawking his ‘Crystal Head’ vodka. During those travels, Aykroyd was interviewed by WIVB 4, a local news station in Buffalo, NY. During that interview, when he was asked about where ‘Ghostbusters 3’ stood, Aykroyd said:

We’ve got a new writing staff working on it now. It’s got to be perfect. That’s the whole thing. There’s no point in doing it unless it’s perfect. So that’s what we’re up to now….

So both Murray and Aykroyd want to do it, but only if it’s good. I can deal with that since that’s how I feel as well. But it still tugs at my insides every time this subject is brought up because it’s so close to my movie-going heart.

So, to whoever that new writing staff is, write something good… please!