Firefly’ probably isn’t coming back. Not any time soon anyway. But we’re at a place now where we can laugh about it, right? Well, the stars seem to think so because back in March, Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion announced that they were creating a new web series called ‘Con Man‘ about an actor known for his role in a sci-fi cult classic that was cancelled before its time and his experience with fans at conventions and the like.

The show premiering on Vimeo in September achieved funding from their IndieGoGo campaign in record time by raising over $1 million in 24 hours. It also became the highest-funded web series from a crowdfund ever. Now they’ve achieved another landmark distinction: ‘Con Man’ became the first web series to grace the Hall H stage at San Diego Comic-Con. With an achievement like that, Tudyk and company brought out the big guns in the hallowed hall on Thursday.

According to Zap2It, the writer/director was joined by pop culture icons Seth Green, Michael Trucco, Alison Haislip, Nolan North, Casper Van Dien, Tricia Helfer, Mindy Sterling, Felicia Day, Barry Bishop, Billy Brooks, and Wil Wheaton in a panel moderated by Chris Hardwick to debut the latest trailer for ‘Con Man’. You can check it out below, followed by the official synopsis of the series:

‘Con Man’ centers on the post-show life of Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) the co-star of Spectrum, a sci-fi series, which was canceled before its time and went on to become a cult classic beloved by fans. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred as the series Captain and has gone on to become a major celebrity, while Wray hasn’t found his desired level of stardom. Wray is the begrudging guest of sci-fi conventions, comic book store appearances, and different pop culture events; however, everything is not as it seems from the outside. The series will explore these events and all the weird and crazy things that happen to them along the way.

It’s so fitting that ‘Con Man’ appeared at San Diego Comic-Con because it’s basically a love letter to conventions and the fans that attend them. With a show like this, it’s only right that it shows up at THE comic con. Tudyk repeated this sentiment when he shared that it was more than just “an opportunity to get into a spaceship again with Nathan Fillion”:

“Someone needed to make a show about this. There’s so many amazing characters… We’ve been going to cons for over a decade. We felt we could honor cons, and make fun of it too. It’s the world and taking some realty and going a little bit farther.”

Aside from the crazy amount of cameos in the show, as seen in the new trailer, there looks to be a lot to be excited about when it comes to ‘Con Man’. Be sure to look for all twelve episodes on Vimeo on September 30, 2015. But until then, share your excitement in the comments below (if you can take a break from laughing at the closing moments of the trailer).