Nathan Fillion Calls ‘Firefly’ Revival An “Impossibility”

Posted Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 04:00 pm GMT -4 by

Nathan Fillion and the cast of Firefly

Captain Malcolm Reynolds has always kept his crew together, even in the toughest situations in the ‘verse, but he couldn’t save ‘Firefly’ from getting cancelled by Fox back in the day. Now, over a decade later, fans of Joss Whedon’s cult television show (and movie) are still holding out for a rebirth of their favorite show in some way, shape, or form, especially after the success of ‘Veronica Mars’ on Kickstarter or ‘Arrested Development’ on Netflix. However, the Captain has recently stated that the chances of it happening again are pretty slim.

In an interview with Hitflix for his upcoming film, ‘Monster University’, Nathan Fillion was asked if there was any possibility of ‘Firefly’ making a return. With Joss Whedon being as successful as he is now in a post-‘The Avengers’ world, one would think that a Serenity reunion could be possible, but Fillion presents a very realistic answer to the question that’s been on every Browncoat’s mind since credits rolled on the 2005 film. You can see his answer in the video below:

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Previously, Whedon addressed the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign for Mal, Jayne, River, and the gang by basically saying that there are so many stars that would have to align in order for them to even start thinking about a continuation of the series. While we don’t like hearing that there’s the chance that ‘Firefly’ may never return, both Whedon and Fillion are being realistic about the situation.

That being said, after attending a few reunion panels and watching specials like ‘Firefly: Browncoats Unite’ on the Science Channel, I really get the vibe that everyone from the crew would return to the ship if they could. I won’t be holding my breath that they definitely will, but I’d like to keep the mindset of “Never say never” because you never know what the entertainment business has up it’s sleeves down the line.

How badly do you want a ‘Firefly’ revival? Are you saddened by Nathan Fillion’s words in this video? Or are you going to take his message of not underestimating Joss Whedon to heart and not give up on the possibility of it happening one day? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment.

  • Lei Lani

    I would even love to see a Firefly “prequel” movie/series/event, have some of the original cast show up in different roles. Captain Mal is not just a person, it is a way.

  • Stan22

    i would wish for the impossible to happen!! I would certainly spend money on a firefly reunion if it could get started.

  • george

    In 2008 only one person I knew was a Firefly fan. Now I can’t even count them. The show spreads like wildfire, but people are skeptical when they first hear about it.

  • george

    Maybe wildfire was the wrong term to use, but it really takes root deeply when someone gets into it. People don’t forget this show.