‘Minecraft’ is an incredibly popular sandbox-style game with resource gathering, crafting, and some survival elements. However, being a sandbox, there’s no story to speak of. No story at all, to be honest. On the other hand you have TellTale Games, which  makes games that are nothing but story, and recently they’ve been hitting one home run after another, with titles like ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘The Wolf Among Us,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and ‘Tales From The Borderlands.’ Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) and Telltale are teaming up to give up us ‘Minecraft: Story Mode.’ The game was announced a few months ago but we’ve had no information at all about what’s going to be going on, but that’s all changed with the new trailer that was just released today.

While no explicit explanation of what’s happening was given in the trailer, there was some information given out at Minecon in London, and we can also tease out some details from trailer as well. The main character is Jessie, (voiced by Patton Oswald) who, along with his friends, are huge fans of a band of heroes that slew a mighty Ender Dragon. But while at a gathering called EnderCon they discover something terrible that sends them on a journey to find The Order of the Stone so they can set things right. The trailer shows a character in some pretty amazing armor (voiced by Dave Fennoy) who might be one of The Order of the Stone. The very end of the trailer shows Jessie and his friends taking a portal into the dangerous and hellish Nether. Is that where The Order of the Stone is?

The game boasts quite the all-star cast, with Billy West, Corey Feldman, Paul Reubens, and more.

I’ll be honest, I think this trailer looks great. TellTale has made nothing but amazing games for the past few years, though they may not be for everyone. TellTale makes what are basically simplified point-and-click adventure games but with an even stronger focus on story and making choices to tailor that story to the experience you want to have. While the progression of the main story will be essentially the same for everyone, most people will experience the details very differently. Quite frankly, that’s perfect for Minecraft, which as a sandbox game is a game all about making what you want. TellTale’s only real problem is that they can take a bit longer than most people would prefer to release the next episode in a series, but the quality of said episodes is usually enough to keep people from complaining too loudly. I’m optimistic that they’ll stay true to form when it comes to that quality, but we’ll see come later this year.

What do you think? Is a collaboration between Telltale and Mojang the best thing over or an unholy abomination? Did the trailer get you all excited? Let us know in the comments below.

The first episode of ‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ will be out sometime in 2015 and there will be five episodes in all. It will be on almost every platform: PC, PS3, PS4, XBox One, XBox 360, iOS, and Android.