Marvel is rolling out the PR train for the upcoming release of ‘Ant-Man‘ on July 17th, including a 6 minute sneak peak that will play in IMAX theaters starting this Friday. Check out the teaser for the preview below.

The teaser features some never-before scenes shots from the movie, the most memorable (in my opinion) being the shots of the hero barreling through a narrow, tech-filled corridor, which seemed oddly reminiscent of the Millenium Falcon racing through the innards of the Death Star in ‘Return of the Jedi.’ We also see a brief shot of Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne hugging, most likely before a climactic moment, a helicopter crashing, and various shots of the villain, Yellow Jacket, and Ant-Man himself.

While I’m not always the biggest fan of releasing too much of a film’s content before the movie actually hits the big screen, I do understand Marvel’s reasoning here. After the ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ opened earlier this summer, there is most likely some understandable fears that audiences may not be aware of another major Marvel film hitting theaters this summer, which is worrisome as they are attempting to launch a new character that will factor heavily into the future of the MCU. With the success films like ‘The Dark Knight’ had in releasing early clips to IMAX audiences prior to release, it stands to reason that the 6 minute clip released before ‘Jurassic World‘ this Friday might go a long way in introducing audiences to the relatively obscure Ant-Man. The only question now is what scene the clip will actually be, as most IMAX preview scenes are usually an opening scene, or else an action heavy scene showing off the concept. Rumors are flying that the clip will either be Scott Lang’s first adventure wearing the suit, or perhaps a flash-back to Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym character using the suit at some point in the past.

Will all the controversy surrounding the production of the film, and the fact that ‘Ant-Man’ is effectively closing out Phase 2 and setting the stage for Phase 3, the IMAX clip has a lot of work to do to convince audiences of the quality of the film, and the merit in seeing it. Here’s hoping Marvel continues its hot streek and ‘Ant-Man’ will be able to live up to the heroic pantheon of movies that came before it, and will follow it.

Source: Screenrant