Breathe a sigh of relief, True Believers!  Sony appears to have used its Spider-Sense to determine that, dammit, we all know Spider-Man’s origin!  Radioactive spider, dead Uncle, Great Power, Great Responsibility– DONE!  Let’s move on.

Just because we have a brand new (and young) Spider-Man with Tom Holland who will be going back to high school in the newest reboot of the franchise, there’s no reason to retell the exact same story on the big screen for the third time in less than 15 years.  So expect to catch up to a young wall-crawler who is already established in his role as crime fighter… in a whole new world.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige explains how the next ‘Spider-Man’ movie differs drastically from the first five:

“The biggest thing … is that it takes place in [the Marvel cinematic] universe. It’s the first time that you’ll be able to see Spider-Man like he was in the comics, as a very different type of hero when compared to the other heroes in the universe.  Up until this point in the other Spidey films — some of which are some of the best superhero movies ever made — he was the only hero, and now he’s not. Now he’s a kid in Queens with these powers and has other [superheroes] to look to.

“Does he want to be like these other characters? Does he want nothing to do with these other characters? How does that impact his experience, being this grounded but super powerful hero? Those are all the things that Stan Lee and Steve Ditko played with in the first 10 years of his comics, and that now we can play with for the first time in a movie.”

Earlier this year, Sony and Marvel made an agreement that would help integrate Spider-Man into Marvel’s film universe.  Holland will make his Spidey debut in a Marvel movie, ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ before swinging into his solo debut.  But he won’t be leaving the Marvel Universe behind, as the new reboot is set in the same continuity.

Jon Watts steps in as director of the new ‘Spider-Man’ movie, which already has a release date of July 28, 2017.  ‘Captain America: Civil War’ arrives on May 6, 2016.

Are you excited to see something brand new?  Or do you think this fresh start should start from the beginning like the last?

Source: Zap2It