SPOILER ALERT! This article will reveal a secret about the movie ‘Ant-Man’ that is most likely in one  of the two post-credit scenes.  Please turn back now if you don’t want to know!

Like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ last summer, ‘Ant-Man’ is preparing to infest theaters, with general audiences unsure of what to think about the exploits of this tiny hero that most people have never heard of.  But of course the even more obscure ‘GotG’ became a left-field smash.  Can Paul Rudd and company duplicate that success or will it become Marvel’s first stumble since ‘Iron Man 2’?

Well, members of the press have already screened the film and overall, it sounds like another sure bet!  Scott Lang’s history as a thief is at the center of the action, with most comparisons being to the hit heist flick ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’  Michael Pena who plays Luis, one of Lang’s criminal cohorts, has been singled out for his comedic role in the movie.

Here are some positive reactions from Twitter:

As the tweet above states, “Stay til the end” meaning there isn’t one, but TWO post-credits scenes.  But what could be in them?  Well, there’s one JUICY rumor, but it’s a shockeroo, so do NOT scroll down if you would rather enjoy the reveal cold.

Here’s one non-spoiler tease, but after that, YOU WERE WARNED!!!

What could be so startling that an otherwise nonplussed woman would go from ashen to nearly exploding?

No, it’s not a cameo, which would really blow minds, but keep in mind, Marvel and Sony just decided this past week on Tom Holland as the new Peter Parker.  There’s no way they could have possibly shot a scene, edited it and tacked it on to ‘Ant-Man.’

But at least someone makes a reference to the web-slinger, firmly establishing that he exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so that when he does make a physical appearance in ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ it won’t be unprecedented.

If you read this all the way to this point, what do you think?  Are you excited that Spidey’s entrance to the MCU begins here?

Source: Comic Book Movie