The Sony Hacks strike again, only this time people are using the hacks to point an accusatory finger at Marvel, for the contractual notes they have on the character traits of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Check it out below:

To start off, yes, Peter Parker is kind of a nerd, but really, that is kind of the point. Anyone complaining about Marvel ensuring their main hero stays true to his comic incarnation of being a bumbling nerd who only lets loose and jokes around while wearing the Spider-Man mask honestly does not get the character. And for anyone upset that their insistence that Peter Parker be a straight white male, I’m sorry but the character belongs to Marvel, has over 4 decades of history, and if they want to keep him true to his comic self, that is their prerogative. And if you read the contract close enough, Marvel is not saying Spider-Man always has to be white and straight, they merely want to ensure any movie version of the character is based on an existing comic they have produced, so if they decide to create a gay hispanic Spider-Man in the comics (which was almost the case with Miles Morales), than the movies would be free to do the same.

At the end of the day, this contract with Sony was made back in 2011 when the studio was producing the Spidey reboot ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ and since this was years before Sony and Marvel ever came to an agreement to share the character, this wording was probably the best way for Marvel to protect their character and ensure Sony did not go completely off the wall in rebooting the franchise.

What are your thoughts on the contractual obligations on Spider-Man and the Peter Parker character? Do you think Marvel is justified in protecting their character, or do you think they are simply being too conservative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: HollywoodReporter, Gawker