Well, it is finally happening, but not quite in the manner we would have thought. While yes, it is true that Warner Bros is re-releasing ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ back into theaters, it is for the Ultimate Edition of the film, and believe it or not, it is not an attempt to get the film to break the $1 billion mark that it sadly fell short of. How do we know that for sure? Because the film is going to be shown for free to select movie-goers who go to and sign up for a screening near them for the one night only event. Of course, with the Ultimate Edition only showing in big cities like New York, Austin and Chicago and with the first-come first-serve basis of securing tickets, there are likely not too many who will be able to enjoy (? – guess it depends on whether it really is better) the new version of the film, but it might garner some goodwill amongst fans who felt let down by the initial film.

The officially announcement for the event came from the DC All Access App, and read as follows:

“As a thank you to all of the fans, Zack and the filmmakers would like to invite you to a special theatrical screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition.”

For anyone interested in attending the film when it premieres on June 27th, make sure you to head over to and claim your tickets. For now, what are your thoughts on Warner Bros’ move here? Is the whole thing a stunt to promote the Ultimate edition? To restore faith in the DCEU? Do you think the new R-Rated version might actually be the film we all wanted to see? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments section below!

Source: Comicbookmovie

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