The Marvel character Ant-Man has a surprisingly long and varied history for a hero not a lot of people have heard of. Ant-Man is actually a hero that several people have taken the role of, Hank Pym being the first and one of the original founders of the Avengers. In the comics Pym was married to fellow Avengers founder Janet van Dyne, a.k.a. the Wasp, who had most of the same powers he did. In fact, even though they eventually divorced, it’s really hard to talk about one without bringing up the other. So with all this talk about the upcoming Ant-Man movie, there are some really obvious question looming over the whole thing. If Hank Pym is old, what’s going on with the Wasp? If his daughter is an adult, why not just make her the new Wasp instead of hiring an ex-con to be the new Ant-Man? Fortunately for us, the fine folks over at have a few answers for us.

They asked Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, how much Wasp factors into the movie. He said the answers were a bit “spoiler-ish,” but he did mention that “we will see Janet Van Dyne in action in this film. And part of sort of what happened to her. And then we will understand why that is the reason that (Pym) doesn’t want his daughter to follow in those footsteps.”

Evangeline Lilly, who plays the part of Hope van Dyne, the daughter of Janet van Dyne and Hank Pym, talked about how her character is angry that her father insists on giving his technology to an ex-con instead of her.

“She hates it. [laughs] It’s actually become a difficult question to address in the script. Why isn’t Hope Ant-Man? … Why wouldn’t he hand it off to his daughter, especially a daughter as intelligent and capable as Hope? Of course we answer all those questions, but I can’t tell you how or why.”

So there you go. It looks like the original Wasp will be in the movie in some way, but what she does and what happens to her are major spoilers. It’s also not 100% certain if Hope takes up the mantle of the new Wasp to help out Scott Lang in this movie or if that will happen in the later films, if at all. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the movie is out, though I’m betting Hope becomes Wasp to save the day at the last minute. Still, it’ll be nice to see these characters finally brought to the big screen. Ant-Man and Wasp are incredibly important characters to the Marvel Universe lore, even if they aren’t exactly the biggest heroes out there. (Pun fully intended. I regret nothing.)

So, what do you think? Is the Wasp going to get enough screen time, or should we just insist on her getting her own movie next time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Ant-Man’ will be in theaters on July 17th.