AMC has released a new 30-second teaser for the upcoming TWD spinoff series, ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’ As expected of a teaser, it doesn’t really show very much, just the character Nick (played by Frank Dillane) partially unclothed and running out of and away from a building as quickly as he can. At one point he has to pull up his pants, making you wonder just what in the world had been going on in that building. Whatever it was, he certainly looks scared. The most likely scenario is that since ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ takes place at the beginning of the outbreak, Nick here just had his first encounter with some zombies eating another person alive and he’s getting the hell out of Dodge. Less likely is that this particular scene takes place after society has crumbled and he’s running away from some nasty human characters. It’s possible, since he doesn’t stop running, even though by the end of the teaser it’s obvious that any walkers exiting the building aren’t going to be catching up to him.

For those still unaware, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will not only be following a completely different group of survivors, it will be taking place in Los Angeles, hopefully giving a different feel for the environment of the series. For diehard fans of TWD, this is great because they’re getting more of what they love, and for former fans, this could be a reason to get back into the series. ‘The Walking Dead‘ tends to be a bit divisive in some groups, with many fans arguing over which episodes and seasons were any good and whether or not the quality of the show has gone downhill. Clearly it still has a large fanbase, but perhaps a new show in a new location with new characters is what the franchise needs to get those creative juices flowing.

Are you excited for this new TWD spinoff series or are you lame and getting bored of zombies? Will this revitilize the genre and keep TWD fresh or do you think it will it be more of the same? Let us know in the comments below.

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is coming out this August.