Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wants to do a follow up of ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ (note, we loved it in our ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Review) but his focus isn’t the king. He would like to bring back John C. Reilly’s characters and tell his story. Moviegoers who have already seen ‘Kong: Skull Island’ will likely applaud this wishful thinking as he was the standout of the movie. Usually, when you think about a follow-up to any of the recent giant creature films, it is the monsters that you’ll be expecting to come back, so this news is an interesting change of pace.

For those who haven’t watched the movie, you’ll have seen Reilly’s character in the trailers. In the film, he plays Hank Marlow who was a soldier that went down on Skull Island at the end of World War II and has survived there for decades. The idea would be to tell his story and how he has survived on the island and that is honestly something I could fully get behind, though I doubt that Legendary Pictures will fit it into their timetable as it wouldn’t help in leading up to Kong’s future battle with Godzilla.

Still, it’s nice to dream and here is what the director says about his prequel idea:

“I mean, all people are f***ing excited about the idea for Kong and Godzilla and Rodan and all those creatures clashing. I don’t exactly know where the world’s plans are. In fact, I keep joking that personally, I’m more interested in doing a $30 million version of young John C. Reilly on the island. Just some weird, the oddball monster comedy with him and Gunpei. So I don’t really know where they’d take it from here.”

Legendary, if he keeps joking about it, please don’t treat it as a joke. This would be a positively delightful and entertaining movie. You could probably get away with doing it on a lower budget as you already have all of the creatures from Skull Island created so it wouldn’t be investing in new models and whatnot. We already know that the backstory would start by showing Marlow fighting Gunpei before the two realize that they need to work together and eventually become friends.

Would you be interested in a ‘Kong: Skull Island’ prequel film that focussed on these two World War II survivors? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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